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The Devil you know

Posted on Wed Feb 7, 2018 @ 9:49pm by Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel & Civilian Melvyn Raddon

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Starship Matthias - Briefing Room
Timeline: MD 4 - 1300


Father and son, Melvyn and Raymond Raddon sat at the end of the mahogany table and observed the Security Consultant activate the holographic display. The device displayed a large planet that orbited a significantly large star followed by two different moons that orbited the planet. The corresponding information did not make the planet look impressive nor important.

"So what have you been able to find?" Melyvn said, wishing to starting the informal meeting.

Dorian nodded and switched to a more detailed view of the planet. "This floating ball of dirt is Cherulan V. It's a pre-warp civilization in the armpit of the Federation. The Federation hadn't even saw fit to place a Starbase within the sector let alone any investment of resources." Dorian said as he switched views. "The planet possess sub-space communication, but still follows a mostly primitive and tribal way of life."

"A planet of backwater yokels?" Raymond jokingly asked.

"Well. . ." Dorian began. "Try a planet of backwater mostly female yokels." Dorian corrected. "For whatever reason, the Humanoid population is primarily female. Men are far and few in-between." He said. "Because of it's pre-warp society, not too many individuals leave the planet because they are too far to justify any consistent commerce or transport." Dorian added.

"So how and why did Yolanthe get off of the planet and get here?" Melvyn asked.

Dorian switched the screen to a projection of a battered vessel. "The answer to that is Orion Syndicate" Dorian replied. "This vessel was discovered by the USS Kehra."

"If the planet is so far from Federation space, how did a Starfleet vessel end up confronting an Orion Syndicate?" Melvyn asked.

"Because of stupidity." Dorian replied. "Evidently, the Pirates had managed to scrap together a hybrid transwarp drive that allowed them to cut their travel time from years to just a few weeks." He said as he shifted the view to the transport hub found on the vessel. "Something went wrong and the vessel as abandoned by the crew near Theta Cygni. By the time the USS Kehra discovered the wreckage, they found a female Humanoid in the cargo hold." Dorian reported.

"From what I've been able to piece together from my sources within Starfleet Security, bodies were strewn throughout the vessel. The freshest body had been dead for at least 10 days." The Security Consultant stated. "I looked into the vessel's registry to discovered who was in Command of the vessel. All I could get was a name: Oded Veyr." He said as he displayed the last known image of the Andorian.

"I'm assuming that if he was in command of a vessel with a transwarp drive, then he must've been fairly significant within the Syndicate." Dorian said.

"Wait...wait...I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the Orion Syndicate has transwarp technology!" Melvyn said, his anger and disgust evident in his voice.

"Had. . ." Raymond interjected.

"What...?" Melvyn said, sharing a confused glance with Dorian.

"Had. . ." Raymond repeated. "The Orion Syndicate had transwarp technology. They don't anymore." Raymond said as he shifted in his chair and sat up.

"Several years ago, our Research and Develop unit believed that they had made a breakthru in creating a working prototype of a transwarp drive. . .or at least something close to it." Raymond explained.

"What? I ha---I had no knowledge of any of this!?" Melvyn said as he too sat up in his chair. "Why wasn't I infor---" he tried to say.

"Plausible deniability, father." Raymond said, as if he had expected this very question. "We knew that Starfleet would never share any of their findings from Voyager's systems, and the Federation was in no rush to green-light any trial runs." Raymond said. "So I made the decision that the most economical way to test the devices capabilities was to. . .outsource it." Raymond said with a smile.

"There was no way we'd use Humans as guinea pigs. So we went with the next best thing and figured we'd allow this n'er'do'well test it out and if it was a success, then we'd collect the data and move forward. If it was a failure, which it certainly was, then you are insulated from the fallout and never have to get your hands dirty." Raymond said in a self-satisfied tone. It was obvious that he had put a lot of effort into protecting his father and the business.

Melvyn sighed inwardly and clasped his hands together and sat silently for several minutes. He finally returned his son's gaze and spoke. "So we give him technology, he uses it to collect slaves, blows up his ship, and what. . .escapes completely unscathed?" Melvyn asked angrily as he slammed his fists on the table in obvious agitation.

"Well, sir. . .I wouldn't put it in those words, exactly." Dorian said quickly. "I figured this would be your response and that you'd probably like the opportunity to speak with Mr. Veyr concerning what happened between him and Yolanthe." Dorian said.

Melvyn smiled as he relaxed and slowly sat back down in his chair. "Dorian my boy, you know me all too well." He said jovially.

"I checked with my sources and I discovered that Oded Veyr has taken up residency in a moderate size civilian orbital colony located near Eta Indi." Dorian said. "I've made arrangements for several of our assets in the area to persuade Mr. Veyr to join us here." Dorian said with a smile. One particular area that Dorian had come to appreciate about the Raddon Corp compared to Starfleet was the ability to coordinate and carry out swift tactical operations without having to go through levels of bureaucracy and hand-wringing. As the Chief Security Consultant, Dorian had an nearly and entire brigade of private security consultants who could carry out the work of the corporation with optimum results.

The grim expression that previously covered Melvyn's face has now been replaced with a genuine smile. "Yes...I think I would appreciate having a brief chat with Mr. Veyr. It seems like we have a lot to discuss." He said as he stood from the table. "I think there is a lot he can tell me about our color-changing friend..." Melvyn said in agreement.

As the two Raddon men stood, Raymond turned towards Dorian and nodded. "Good work, Dorian."


Melvyn Raddon
Raddon Corporation

Raymond Raddon
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