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Fall in.

Posted on Sun Feb 11, 2018 @ 3:43am by Commander Maritza Soran & First Lieutenant Gordon Blue

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Commanders office
Timeline: MD 04 0900


Things were finally going her way, Martiza decided. Preperations for that mornings test were underway and going smoothly. And now she would getting something that could counter any movest he blasted Cardassian tried to pull.

More marines.

The unit that was protecting the portal caves was understaffed. Their CO kept telling her she needed more boots on the ground. And now finally Fleet command was giving her more. Except she would need them to hold Turvan's new friends in check. Still any was better than none, and the planet's surface wasn't so far away that she couldn't get a few down there.

Her intercom rang. her yeoman and guard dog, Claude came on the line. "The new jarhead is in ops, I'm sending him straight over."

"Marine," she corrected. "Thank you, Claude."

Blue had his Uniform pressed as usual; it was not a good impression to have ruffles, his head and face close shaven as he strode through the corridors to the Commanding Officer. Pressing the chime he was given access.

Blue had his hat on his belt the side arm neatly holstered and his Battle uniform to regulations. He made eye contact with teh Commanding Officer and came to attention with respect to her position as the Commander of this station.

"Commander Soran. First lieutenant Gordon Blue reporting as ordered ma'am." He had his heels together and straight stance while passing the PADD with the new recruits as well as his authorization to take command of the Marine Detachment. "Officially requesting permission to coma aboard with the detachment of Marines Ma'am?" His baritone voice spoke.

Maritza accepted the padd, giving the newcomer a good once over. Neatly pressed and presented like any good marine on parade, she thought. His appearance was going to raise certain people's hackles though. There was a definite green hue to him. Not as strong as a full Orion, but he would never pass for human. He had the typical broad, powerful build of Orion males too. The marine look suited him. "Permission granted."

"Standard onboarding procedure is a medical and psychiatric review with the heads of department - they review your files, if you wish to avail yourself of their services further, that's entirely up to you. I also suggest you make the acquaintance of the XO and head of security too. We have a number of situations on the station which may go badly in the near future." Maritza flicked through the padd as she spoke, everything seemed in order.

"The majority of Marines in the garrison are deployed on Pangaea," she continued, "protecting the portal cavern site. They can give you a full briefing, and I'll see that my Yeoman sends you our standard primer as well, but the short version is we have anywhere between two and five hundred doorways through space and time down there, similar to the Iconian gateways. They must stay secure."

"Glad to have something to do ma'am." Blue responded. "You can count on us, they will remain secure and I will have a rotation of the Marines; keep them alert and anyone wanting to get a peek will have fresh Marines to deal with." Blue answered. "I will make the acquaintances and have Duty rosters ready for review in short order ma'am." He assured. "I thank you for accepting my transfer application, it is an Honor to serve."

"Don't thank me yet. DS5 can be a hard place, and it saddens me to admit it, the colour of your skin will make you an acceptable target to our population of deplorables." Wasn't that the truth? The last thing she needed was Raddon giving another racist op-ed to the news network, all dressed up in fancy concern for a minority segment.

"I gave my opinions over to the Corps when I signed on." Blue replied without flinching. "Color of my skin does not matter when they need protecting; makes me right down handsmoe when someone with an attitude decides to attack the station tand the prople are scared. At that point even I am accepted for a time." Blue had been there and done that. "I am here to protect them from enemy, not themselves ma'am. What they think of me will not hinder my job. Good thing I have to do rotations on the planet to protect those gateways, keeps me out of sight and mind you might say?"

Maritza gave a dry mirthless smile. She hoped this one would work out. "On the contrary, I want you right where they can see you. I do not pander to mobs, criminals or terrorists."

"A very admirable vantage point ma'am." Blue replied. "I will make myself and my Marines more visable around the station to remind folks that we 'Are' here."

"Good." Maritza ticked a few more items off her mental list. "Now, until the OPM sends me some candidates for a Strat Ops chief, you'll report directly to me. Other than that, do you have any questions?"

"Will there be constant personnel ; I am guessing Science will be doing a lot of experiments on those corridors?" Blue asked. "I am just thinking of what I have to protect to allot resources accordingly Ma'am?"

"My new science officer will no doubt want to do that, and I believe that the existing marine commander has been running some tentative recon missions to try and map the caves. I'd like you to liaise with Dr Wells to see those continue."

"You can count on it as being Done." Blue gave his reply. "Should be a bit of fun; might get some of the men Spelunking gear." He was able to stifle the chuckle. "Might be interesting seeing the Science Department in a harness slinging about the caves... ma'am."

"You're more likely to be dealing with nosey types poking around. There is the beginning of a settlement not far from the caves, around the ruins of a spiral armed shaped building, There's a lot of prospecter types petitioning to go down, and I can't bar them from the entire planet. I'm limiting population for now. But that won't stand. Not with the Cardassian's hanging around."

Blue listened intently to the duties thus far; he could make it work and it will be a little bit of 'playing nice' but with a firm hand.

"It will be secured and we will 'play nice' with any would be tourists." Blue commented. "The hard part will be the Cardassian presence, I am talking in General; of course, yet when they are even mentioned in conversation it means they are up to something. That is from a historical viewpoint they like having their presence known but never want to be seen doing what they are planning. They do tend to help one follow the old saying about being Ever Vigilant, Ma'am."

"Very true," she acknowledge. "Their ambassador can be ...provoking. If he gives you any trouble, I want you to comes directly to me."

"I have run a couple of protection rackets in my youth." Blue said calmly with an even expression. "I have also atended Diplomatic functions on away missions for diplomats, I can handle not being provoked by a Cardassian or mouthy Ferengi." Blue assured. "I lead by example so my my Marines will behave as well."

"Glad to hear it." She set the padd down for later in-depth consideration. "I believe that covers everything for now. Unfortunately you now have only sixty minutes to read the Svikiri briefing document and decide if and how you will be part of this morning's test." It would be good to see if he could rise to the occasion, "Carry on, lieutenant."

Going to attention . "Thank you for the challenge ma'am." Blue said in his Marine Tone. "I will be ready as will my Marines." With that he turned on his heels and marched out of the Ready Room.

*Sixty Minutes* Blue thought to himself. *Looks like Battle Call for them.* He grew a wry smile at the thought of seeing how fast the Marine unit can be combat deployment ready?


Commander Martiza Soran
Comminding Officer


First Lieutenant Gordon Blue
Marine Commanding Officer


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