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Medical overview (Part II)

Posted on Mon Feb 12, 2018 @ 3:42am by Civilian Hydel Turvan & Commander Amia Telamon M.D.
Edited on on Wed Feb 14, 2018 @ 11:19pm

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: MD 4 - 0730


Legate Umar stepped away from the biobed and fastened the top of his tunic as the Bajoran Doctor finished his exams. "You can began examining the child now." Legate Umar said. "We need to ensure that Bretav has not been harmed or biologically compromised since being kidnapped." The older Cardassian said. "We can't risk any compromises to the timeline once we cross the temporal barrier." He said.

Benj handed the legate a data rod he had prepared containing the read-out of his medical details, recorded during the checkover. "This is a digital report and certification. Just standard stuff but you might like it for your medical jacket." he said and turned towards the child on the bio bed next to the Cardassian Legate.

"Hello Bretav" Benj said pleasantly, smiling at the lad. "Just some scans to show everyone that you're quite well, is that okay with you?" he asked.

The child looked from Umar to the Federation Soldier standing before him. The boy relented to the Doctor's wishes only after the Legate nodded his head, indicating that it was alright.

"The Bajoran is going to run several tests on you. He's harmless." Legate Umar said in a tone that dripped with disdain rather than reassurance. "Once we are certain that you are in top condition, then we will take you back home to your family." He continued.

Benj did his best to keep smiling and not to bristle, mostly because he was sure that was what Umar was trying to provoke.

While the Doctor carried out his work Umar checked the data padd he had received and smiled to himself. Everything appeared to be operating within normal parameters with little concern. His patience was running thin as he saw the overly-cautious Bajoran run through a battery of exams that Umar felt were redundant.

Benj ran the standard Starfleet assessment, checking the boy's vitals, bloods, scans of his organs, brain and skeleton to see if any of him had suffered any lasting or problematical damage but he found nothing that showed any reason for concern and at the end of it her ran off the data onto a rod and handed it to the boy.

"You're fit and well Betav, no harm done." he said and looked up at Umar. "The results are on his datarod,
just like yours. If you have no questions, I think we're done here." he said and after helping the lad down from the bed, he turned back to his own work and got on.

"Finally." Legate Umar said as he unceremoniously took the data rod, refusing to even acknowledge that the Bajoran had done a good job. It still puzzled him how the Federation saw fit to give the Bajoran so much responsibility with such little oversight. The Cardassian's time on Bajor and taught him that if left to their own devices, Bajorans proved to be quite dangerous when idle.

"Let's go my boy, our destiny awaits." Legate Umar said as he smiled knowingly towards the padd in his hand and escorted the boy back through the lobby.

"We're done here, Hydel." He said to the Cardassian Ambassador and the recently-appointed Garrison Commander as the two spoke quietly to one another.

"Do you need for my staff to upload the information to our local database?" Hydel said as he noticed the padd in the Legate's hand.

"No, no, that won't be necessary. I plan on keeping this with me when we depart from the station." Umar said quickly and with a tone that did not invite any further discussion.


Hydel Turvan
Cardassian Empire

Pra'teen Umar
Cardassian Empire

Lt Amoran, Benj
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Five


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