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You are the Sheep, you will never be the Shepherd

Posted on Sun Feb 11, 2018 @ 6:49am by Civilian Hydel Turvan
Edited on on Wed Feb 14, 2018 @ 11:21pm

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Cardassian Embassy
Timeline: MD 3 - 1900


"The previous Ambassador, Tharek Getal, had requisitioned and received approval from the Cardassian Government for a detachment of Security personnel to be transferred from the Warship Rakara and placed under the assignment of the Cardassian Consulate." He explained briefly. "Following that precedent, a detachment from the 127th will be transferred and placed under the command of Gul Denat Meran, their primary purpose will be to serve in a logistical and support role for the civilian population on this station." He said.

"Since the safety of Cardassian can not be assured by Starfleet, than we will take the necessary steps to do so." He said. "This Security Detachment will occupy the barracks that was constructed under Ambassador Getal. I have received word that they are to be stationed with the Consulate for the duration of the present emergency situation facing Cardassian citizens onboard this station." He added defiantly.


"Enter" Ambassador Hydel Turvan said from the other side of his chambers. Almost immediately the door whisked open and the new Garrison Commander Denat Meran strode confidently into the inner-sanctum of the Ambassador's chambers. He came directly to the front of the Ambassador's desk and snapped to attention.

Turvan finished pouring his glass of Kanar before he acknowledged the Gul's presence in his chambers. "At ease," He said as he took a seat in his chair. The desk stood between he and his new Chief of Garrison Security. It was the same desk that had belonged to former Ambassador Getal Tharek during his tenure as Head of the Cardassian Diplomatic Mission on this station. Now it was his, like so many other things.

"First, let me welcome you back home. Not just to the station, but back into the loving arms of Cardassian society." Turvan said as he took a sip. "If I recall, you've been gone for quite some time." He said.

"Yes, Ambassador, after Ambassador Getal had me arrested and detained for several years, I was eventually released; however, even after my release from confinement I was forbidden from returning to Cardassia Prime." Gul Meran said. Still speaking in a stoic and clipped tone.

"And now the Prodigal Son has returned!" Turvan said with a wide smile across his face. "But I'm certain that you have asked yourself at least once or twice why I decided to bring you back here and restore your rank?" The Ambassador said playfully.

Gul Meran paused for several moments before responding. "The thought did cross my mind; however, I've learned that sometimes asking why is a one-way street to nowhere." He said.

Hmmm. . .pragmatic. . . Hydel thought to himself.

"Computer, play recording stardate 800621..." Turvan commanded. Within seconds a holographic image appeared before the two Cardassians and began replaying a previous recorded image.

"Tharek, you have done nothing but betray the very essence of your power. You have swindled, cheated, fought for false valour, for what? an insignificant station on the edge of explored space . What next? Will you declare war on the Tribbles? Then perhaps stroll into a supernova expecting it to bow to you, you fool..."

The video skipped further along the recording.

"Getal was furious now. He rested his foot on Meran's shoulder, and shoved him down onto the floor. "If any Cardassian, be them man or woman, finds my judgement clouded, and myself unfit for duty, stand forward."

Nobody did.

"You see Denat. These people have been loyal to me, to Cardassia. They will be rewarded. There will be no reward for you. No Cardassia anymore. Just the cold and the light, everything un-Cardassian: what you deserve."

"You see Tharek, your nothing but a sheep." He pointed to all the others. "Just as they are." Tharek laughed incredibly at the metaphor, but his emotion changed at the next echoing words that Tharek would never forget. "You are just a sheep. You will never be a shepherd."

The recording ended and the images faded out of existence. Turvan looked back at Meran and the two shared a glance. "You stood up to Getal, in front of everyone!" Turvan said. "You had the courage to stand up for what was in the best interest of Cardassia, not whatever pleased Getal's demented ego. That is a true Cardassian." Turvan said solemnly.

"I need true Cardassians serving with me. I need Cardassians that are prepared to do whatever it takes to be the Sheperd on a station filled with Sheep." He continued.

"But Sir, you have the entire 127th Tactical Wing just outside at your complete disposal. Why not recruit from their ranks for this mission?" Gul Meran asked.

Turvan sighed in frustration as he stood from his chair and walked along the window of his chambers. "Gul Druman Nivall is a competent Commander and Soldier; however, he has his own plans and they do not necessarily fall in line with my own." Turvan admitted as he looked out the window. From this distances the various elements of the 127th appeared as twinkling stars in the far off distance.

"It's why he designated Legate Umar as the individual to take the child back through the Pangaea portal. He is slowly trying to push me out of my position and replace me with someone of his own choosing and desire." Turvan said as he gripped the glass in his palm. "Legate Umar will undoubtedly use the return of the child as a rallying cry to boost his standing within not just the 6th Order, but back home on Cardassia Prime." He continued.

Gul Meran listened intently. It was becoming clear to him that there was more going on than a mere stand-off between Federation and the 127th. The dynamic power-play between Turvan and Gul Nivall and his Tactical Wing added another layer of complication to the situation. It was clear that Nivall saw Pangaea as a tactical advantage and that the 127th should move quickly to secure it. However, Turvan was taking a much slower approach by gaining the support of other governments in an attempt to freeze the Federation out of having dominance over the planet. Both men were scheming for the same objective, but just different strategies.

"In fact, I have reason to believe that Legate Umar has already hatched his own schemes on this station involving one of the many girlfriends of that pretentious blowhard, Liam Reynolds. But I don't have enough evidence to move forward yet." Turvan said in between sips as he allowed the drink to pass down his throat.

"I see," Gul Meran said evenly. "This has been enlightening." He replied. In reality, this had given him an illuminating view into the Ambassador's thought process and what exactly he expected from the Cardassian Security Officer.

Turvan finished the drink and placed it on his desk and looked back towards the other Cardassian. "I fully trust your capabilities as a leader and as a Cardassian, Denat. I have significant plans for not just this station, but for the planet Pangaea as well. Stick with me and you will be a part of those plans too." He said. "You're dismissed to begin conducting training drills with your unit." He said.

"Yes, Ambassador." Gul Meran said as he snapped back to attention, did an about-face, and proceeded to exit the room.

Turvan turned back towards the window and thought to himself. I am the Shepherd. . .


Hydel Turvan
Cardassian Empire

Denat Meran
Gul, Garrison Commander
Cardassian Empire


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