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Meeting of the Minds

Posted on Thu Feb 15, 2018 @ 12:41am by Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel & Civilian Hydel Turvan & Lieutenant Ryan Milarno & First Lieutenant Gordon Blue

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Security - Promenade Sub-station Conference room
Timeline: MD 4 - 0930


Dorian felt the icy reception of the room as he entered and heard the doors swish behind him. He had received the invitation, if one could even call it an invitation compared to directive to appear for a small conference concerning station security. As the Chief Security Consultant for Raddon Corporation, Dorian was tasked with managing and coordinating several platoon-size elements both on the station as well as on the Starship Matthias, a full-time task that was becoming more and more complex thanks to the ever-shifting station command staff.

Gul Denat Meran entered after Dorian and promptly walked towards his seat and sat down. He too had received the missive from the newly-appointed Security Chief. Although he was not anywhere near the Federation Soldier's chain of command, Ambassador Turvan had directed him to attend the meeting anyways. Denat was more than certain it was because the Ambassador wanted to get a good look at the rumored Cardassian Chief of Security who had been appointed to the significant post after being away.

Blue always seemed to walk to the tempo of a Parade march; his strides were measured and perfected as he strode into the room; PADD in hand and 'Lid' neatly in his front belt line front right. This meeting was about the Security of the Station; though Blues is a newly arrived hepercieved the thoughts of the Security Chief would give some good input as to where Blue could offere use of his Marines.

The Cardassian in the room was not catching Blue off guard but did raise concerns after the discussion with the Commanding Officer; Blue ; being Orion, might be thought to harbor some alliance to the Cardassians. That assumption would be so far wrong it could be laughable. Blue did not trust two people; Romulans and Cardassians, and if you throw in Klingons as unpredictable with their tempers and the veterinary nature of Ferengi, it was a longer list of those Blue was uneasy with compared to those he openly trusts.

Ryan quickly walked into the conference room with a PaDD in his hand and he saw Dorian immediately and glanced at him as he pulled out the chair and sat down.

"Can we get this meeting started Gul Milarno?" Dorian said with an expression that showed his irritation at having to sit in his former Department as a mere visitor as opposed to the rightful Chief. "I would like to be able to leave sometime before my hair turns completely grey." He said.

Blue noted the slight irritation of the man speaking, something to be noted later as interactions with the civilian; which Blue is sure will come up, in the future.

"It is not known if we are all that must attend this meeting as we are not the ones that called it." Blue pointed out. "And a station like this would not allow you peace long enough to grow Peach fuzz , more over a full beard or allow your hair to gray." Blue added.

Both Dorian and Gul Meran looked in the direction of the Orion. However, Dorian choose to break the silence.

"Who the hell are you and why isn't someone of authority at this meeting, Butter Bar?" Dorian said derisively. Fleet vs. the Corps was a rivalry older than the Federation or Starfleet itself. Dorian could not understand the purpose of having Marines housed in the same installation where Starfleet Security had already established itself.

Blue did not rise to the baiting, it was beneath the honor of the Corps to engage with a lesser opponent.

Although Cardassians did not use the same rank systems as the Federation; he was still familiar enough with Terran culture to recognize the derogatory term used to describe junior officers within their structure.

Ryan sighed and looked at Blue and shook his head slightly as if telling him to ignore him then snapped back to look at Dorian. "Are you just going to call us names at every opportunity that passes you by Dorian?" he stopped and stared at him then carried on a second later but was now raising his voice slightly louder than normal. "Or are we going to spend this time trying to figure out a way to bring this station to some kind of peace. This place isn't a pleasant place to be for..." he shrugged. "Well anybody really. All of us have a responsibility of security in some way or another on this station. I think we all need to be singing from the same hymn sheet"

"Peace? Did you say this meeting was going to bring this station peace?" Dorian asked incredulously. "You really have no idea what you have stepped into Milarno." Dorian declared as he leaned forward.

"In the past 6 months at least three humans have been murdered on the Promenade, including a 13 year old boy by Yolanthe herself." Dorian said as he recounted the death that had been spread throughout the Promenade.

"You failed to mention the bombing of the Cardassian Embassy, a bombing for which your organization were directly inv---" Gul Meran said.

"That was never pro--" Dorian began to say in rebuttal, but was cut off.

"It was never proven because the Human responsible was lost when her civilian transport to Starbase 182 was lost enroute." Gul Meran said. "The Cardassian government found that to be very convenient to certain parties on this station." The Cardassian said.

"But even beyond that, Lieutenant Milarno," The Cardassian said as he turned back to the Security Officer. "The presence of myself and my Security Detachment on this station is a direct result of the Federation's inability to protect the safety and interest of Cardassian civilians." He said.

"I can see you two would like a moment for your domestic squabble." Blue interjected. "But my understanding is this meeting has a purpose?" Blue continued. "If the Commanding Officer allows I could post Marine guard outside any embassy on the station of you feel that the Cardassian ambassador is in need of protection by a reliable force." Blue knew well what storm this could make. "But that would take away from any help I could render to the citizens of Deep Space Five." Blue was calm and his expression gave nothing away but the understanding of hat he is authorized to do. "From the vantage point of the Marine Corps it is your dispute that worries me, between you two the Terrorists and murderers have a wide space to work on with two security forces at each other all the time it seems. Might I as the third party suggest we quit infighting of your egos and think of those you are sworn to protect?" He continued. "I am new here and do not give a damn about past ego clashes; I am here to protect the people and if I have to do that I cannot protect the two of you from yourselves and the citizenry at the same time. Or do you want the Marines being the only ones seen actually trying to do that?"

Gul Meran was rankled by the suggestion of Federation security standing guard outside of Cardassian territory. "I can assure you that the Cardassian Empire will not need your assistance in protecting its citizens." The Gul said distastefully.

Dorian was more blunt.

"You are a Marine, your job is that of cannon fodder." He replied quickly. "Why don't you just do what your predecessor did and just stay in the Marine Compound until someone actually needs you." Dorian said, recalling the behavior and tendencies of Colonel Darson when he served as the Commanding Officer of the station Marine Detachment.

Dorian turned back towards the Security Chief. "The Raddon Corporation is more than capable of protecting itself from the various entities on this station that are dumb enough to try anything, just like that one Bolian sitting in Sick Bay's morgue. . ." Dorian said, referencing the alien that was caught by the security forcefield when he and his friends broke into the Raddon Research Storage facility.

"More importantly, I'm not willing to put the safety of my employer's business in the hands of a Butter Bar and a Medical Doctor facing some kind of mid-life crisis." Dorian said.

Ryan smiled at Dorian. "Yes...a matter that is still ongoing" he said referring to Dorian's inclusion of the dead Bolian into the conversation and as a reminder to him that he had not forgotten about it.

"Okay..." he took a breath. "Maybe mentioning peace was a wrong choice of words...that concept is a long way off, if of course it ever happens at all. But until then we need to work together whether we like each other or not."

"Granted the Raddon corporation is capable of protecting itself but we have to work together, Cardassian, Human and Starfleet alike..." Ryan said as he looked around at each of them. "I agree with Blue's idea of posting guards outside embassies, it should be at least considered, it will show the population that we're united" he paused to take a breath and to let his words sink in. If they did at all was anyone's guess but he continued regardless. "If we continue the way we are, certain groups on this station will carry on doing what the hell they want and in turn be getting away with it. It has to stop. I don't know about the rest of you but it's my job to protect people, I think the focus should be on the people and bringing order to this station" by now he felt his words wouldn't matter after all, to most of them he was seen as a nobody but nevertheless he was still in charge of Starfleet Security on board and his opinion had to stand for something.

"I'm fine with posting the guards there," Dorian said, fully cognizant that such a decision would not affect his employer in any fashion. "I'm all about unity!" He said with a smile.

"I obviously would have a problem with armed non-Cardassians being posted outside of our sovereign territory." Gul Meran interjecting. "My responsibility is to protect the Cardassian citizens on this station. I am not concerned whether others think that we are united at all." He said calmly as he shifted his gaze from the Marine to the Security Officer.

"Certain groups already engage in a campaign of terror because fears of xenophobia and other anxieties are stoked on a nearly daily basis." He said. "Why else would his employer take the time and resources to broadcast that interview with your news bureau?" The Gul said, referencing the recent interview between Melvyn Raddon and the Federation News Network.

"He is engaging in classic Psychological Operations by antagonizing those who disagree with him." Gul Meran said. "Cardassia will not stand by idly as this man and his group continue to play their little games on this station." He said intently. Although he did not give further detail, it was obvious what he meant when he said not stand by idly.

"If you truly wish to bring peace to this station, then you know where to start." He said.

Ryan nodded and looked at Gul Meran. "Yes I do" was all he said with a nod to the Gul but he felt any further discussion regarding the Raddon corporation should be held without one of it's employee's present. "How would you feel about unarmed guards Gul? I'm as invested in protecting the Cardassians just as much as any other race on this station and my people and the marine detachment don't need to rely solely on weapons to do that"

"Marines are not Cannon fodder." Blue said calmly and crossed his arms. "Nor are we targets for some terrorist to take pot shots at." Blue maintained a civil tone as he spoke slowly. "My predecessor obviously did not instill the capability of a Marine." Blue explained slowly. "There have been Marines since tall sailing ships on Earth in one country or another and those men always protected with rifles.Standing out in a corridor with a club is the job of the British Bobbies and their strong whistles." We are an elite fighting force; we protect and The modern Marine has not majorly changed in their skill or honor since the German Army gave us the nick name Devil Dogs." Blue eyed them both. "We are a peace keeping force and do not stand about where we are not welcome, we go where needed. We have been guarding Embassy personnel since before the Federation. That is our history and our purpose. You can say what you want but just remember that when it hits the fan Everyone calls for a Marine when they are scared." Blue had a stoic ; impassive expression, as he ended. "Marines work for peace and protect those who need. I am not a part of your personal dispute, but do not insult the Honor or purpose of a Marine. Many have tried and many had learned the mistake. Now if you welcome our help I am more than happy to do so and save lives, your personal grudges can be settle in the back room for all i care. My question is where could you use someone to watch your backs?"

Dorian sat with his arms crossed as a dark demeanor came over his face. "That speech would've have been touching and more sincere. . .coming from a Human" Dorian said as he leaned forward and narrowed his eyes. "You. . .are not a Human, you do not get to brag or boast about the accomplishments and sacrifices of other Humans." He said caustically.

"You are an Orion. A green, lumbering, race of pirates, thieves, and murders." Dorian said as he emphasized every adjective with his finger on the desk. "Since you're so keen to quote historical facts, how about you tell me how Human Marines have died while stopping your people from stealing and enslaving others?" Dorian said, his disgust with the green humanoid become more and more evident as he spoke.

"How you managed to convince Starfleet that you were trust-worthy enough to be commissioned as an Officer, let alone lead anything larger than a Fireteam is beyond me." He said dismissively.

Dorian leaned back in his chair and sighed and exasperated tone. "So this is what the security of this station has come to since I've left. . .a Slaver and a Cardassian have been charged with the safety of thousands of civilians." He sighed in resignation. "Post whomever the hell you want wherever the hell you want." He conceded.

Gul Meran waited for the Human to stop talking before he added. "If the Starfleeet Troops were unarmed, then I believe it would be acceptable to have them posted near the Cardassian embassy." He acquiesced.

"Because I brought honor; a thing you have no concept of Mr. Gabriel." Blue said calmly as he tapped his PADD. "And humans are quite adept at killing themselves by petty squabbles in their history." He shrugged. He then turned to the Cardassian. "If you want targets in front of your embassy look to the civilian here for support My Marines take our duty seriously and will 'Not' be a standing target without a weapon." He nod to the Cardassian. "As a fellow victim of the Human's prejudice I would be open to formal discussions on helping with Security of your Embassy." Then to the human. "I will not engage with a lesser opponent any further." He took his lid in hand. "I have kept a log of these proceedings and will be sure to log it properly." Spun on his heels and walked out the door.

Dorian waited for the Orion to leave and the doors to whisk shut behind him before speaking. "Well. . .that was enlightening. What's next, Milarno, you gonna invite a Borg drone to fill in as Chief Counselor?" He laughed as he stood up and prepared to leave.

"Once you two figure out what you want to do with your toothless and weaponless Marines, contact my office." He said.

Gul Meran was becoming visibly annoyed with the spectacle that was being put on by the Human. He turned towards Dorian and spoke in the most retrained tone he could muster.

"You have been allowed to act without any consequence for far too long, Mr. Gabriel. . ." The Cardassian said through clenched teeth. "One day, very soon, you will learn that there is a price to pay for such arrogance." He said, seething on the inside, but maintaining a straight and controlled demeanor.

Ryan let out a slow deep breath to help control his anger. That man was more than hard work he was damn right impossible. "You know what Dorian, this meeting was called to try and find solutions to problems around here. I don't know why you even bothered coming" he stood and rested his hands down on the table and leaned over staring at the man, his anger now unable to remain hidden. "You had no intention of even trying. You say we're the issue, the Cardassian's are the issue...." he clenched his jaw. "Wrong...You are" he said through gritted teeth. "Your entire damn corporation is the problem and trust me..." he stopped himself and sat back down, he knew what he was about to say shouldn't be said out loud, hell he probably shouldn't have said any of that out loud.

Calmly he turned to Gul Meran. "I'll dispatch an unarmed team immediately, thank you for your co-operation" he said with a genuine appreciation. He felt that he and Meran could probably do with having a private conversation in the very near future.

Dorian watched the Security Officer closely. He could see the anger that was raging inside of the Cardassian. His nostrils didn't flare, because Cardassian physiology did not exhibit such a feature when agitated. Instead, Dorian noticed the Cardassian's eyes narrowing on Dorian and following him like a bird of prey following an animal in the wild.

Milarno was making in clear in no uncertain terms that he had drawn his line in the sand.

Dorian simply huffed as he stood from his chair and left the room.

The Gul nodded to the Starfleet Officer. "Very well" He said as he stood up. "I'll be sure to provide any further necessary guidance." He said as he too prepared to leave.

Ryan got to his feet also and nodded to Gul Meran. "Thank you" he replied and watched him leave and when the doors closed his shoulders relaxed and he let out a breath of relief.


Dorian Gabriel
Security Consultant
Raddon Corp

Denat Meran
Gul, Garrison Commander
Cardassian Empire

1st Lt. Gordon Blue
Marine Commanding Officer
Deep Space 5

Lieutenant Ryan Milarno
Chief Security Officer


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