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Representation Part 2

Posted on Tue Feb 27, 2018 @ 4:54pm by Civilian Ricardo Draxx & Lieutenant Ryan Milarno

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Security
Timeline: MD4 1630


"What kind of racket are you lot pulling here?" Demanded Draxx when security officers finally entered the room. "Letting someone in to threaten me. Are you not happy with your previous cowboy of a chief threatening me that you had to find a complete and utter son of a bitch to come try finish the job?""

Ryan followed a few guards into the room and stopped still in front of Draxx. He'd had about enough of this day already. "What are you on about? He was your lawyer" he said with a raised voice to shut him up for a second.

"My lawyer, lawyer. That wasn't my lawyer. That was a very nasty and powerful man who I haven't seen in a decade. And he's trouble. Big trouble. Dangerous. Not the sort of man you want running round this station. That man will put your petty crime lords on this here station to shame," Draxx demanded. This was turning into a very bad day. Biggs and his crew would not be happy.

"Ok calm down...I need you to explain to me who that man was and what trouble he could bring? There's enough going on without all of this, assuming what you say is true of course"

"Hook me up to any lie detector you like newbie," Draxx insisted. "But I won't be spilling too much about that man to you. I value my life thank you. Now where are we with blondie and my deal to get out of this joint. Not that I don't appreciate the holdings. Its much nicer than where "my supposed lawyer" hails from. Decent food, cute females too," he winked at one of the ensigns in the room with them who blushed. Then caught the face of her new boss and straightened up to attention embarrassed.

"If you could refrain from diverting my staff's attention that would be great" he told him bluntly when he noticed the wink. "And I'm not aware of any to elaborate?" Ryan asked as he folded his arms.

"Figures," Draxx groused, "That your cowboy predecessor is as good at handover as he is keeping his temper in check. You impounded my ship. My ship is better than the majority of the stuff you have Starfleet. Blondie - your hot new science chief wants to look it over, no doubt steal what she can. It needs my biology to work. The deal is, I spill to her and let her. You let me go. Blondie has already agreed and squared it with your predecessor, who by the way I do want to make a complaint about. He ran a knife over my throat when I gave myself up with no drama. I cooperated, he went all "John Wayne I'm a hard arse cowboy" wannabee. I hope you are more professional and run a tighter ship."

"I'm not sure a complaint from a prisoner is going to carry much weight do you? Especially when its against a starfleet commander" Ryan told him. "Right now I see no reason to let you go. You aren't instilling me with much faith to be honest Draxx...I could confirm your arrangement with the science chief but what do I get out of that? You seem to be the kind of man that may have information..." he said just as one of his guards entered and whispered further information into his ear regarding the detected transport. Ryan rolled his eyes upon finding out of course they couldn't trace the origin of transport, he sighed and turned back to Draxx. "Well?"

"You can't trace it can you?" Draxx chuckled. "Check your facts with blondie by all means and yes I am a man who knows a hell of a lot of information, but the only deal I'm doing is the one agreed with blondie made with your predecessor there." The human laid back in his chair and told him firmly.

"And Telling me my complaint won't carry weight. Seems it's one set of rules for you Starfleeters and a completely different one for the rest of us. It's perfectly okay then to threaten someone not resisting in any way with a knife and draw blood. We were hoping for someone with a bit more integrity for the new security chief but no you just told me that any citizens word against a Starfleet officer won't be listened to in any way. You have a lot of work to do newbie if your going to engage the populous of this station and find anyone who will trust you with information. Oh and your security chief, you haven't even looked in that briefcase yet. Big clue," he pointed at it completely perplexed how this man got into office at all.

Ryan sighed. "Okay you know what, I'll happily note your complaint and take it seriously, as for the case, yes I'm aware of it and I'll be taking it with me when I leave but I wanted to talk to you first." he stopped and took a breath. "You have a deal that simply secures your freedom from this room but Miss Ilbalin is desperate for you to stay, why is that?"

"Yolanthe?" Draxx chuckled. "She's scared of her love for me."

At the look at the aliens face he laughed harder. "I did a job for her and it got muddy. It came down to saving my XOs sister over hers. I wanted to do both, it was impossible. You see newbie, you don't know the people your dealing with. The chap earlier, the man he works for. Pure evil. Thought to be dead until about 6 months ago, nope fake his death and left his idiot son, now deceased in charge.

Whatever tale she's spun you, I had to leave her briefly. Then I risked my neck and came back for her. Apparently that counts for nothing but what do you expect from a species that consider men what humans considered women up until the suffragettes started kicking off. Property, to be seen and not heard. Weak apparently. To be ruled and manipulated as they please. And I don't know why she's so desperate for me to stay in here. Considering she got me to agree to be her slave for a day if I got caught, I'm surprised. She was plotting what loin cloth to display me in when I left the bar. she's obviously still got the hump and set me up. Seems thousands of lat and getting the best chef on the station out of things still hasn't appeased her in this matter. Oh and the sexual tension between us does scare the shit out of her. She's invited you down to bar yes? The special treatment?" He guessed. "Tread carefully. I think the bigger question you should be asking is why is she trying to manipulate you."

Ryan nodded. "She has and I accepted. I did wonder why myself...seems people love playing games huh? I tell you what in light of information that I didn't have before. I'll honour your previous agreement and you will too, yes?" he asked.

Draxx nodded. "I'm going to let you have my ship and blondie will have a technological orgasm upon learning its secrets. And yes I will be a gentleman. Not a mid western dandy like prior Chief cowboy living in a time hundreds of years ago demands mind you."

"Let's hope so" Ryan replied. "Because you're on my radar, understand?"

"Oh I wouldn't have it any other way," Draxx smirked. "Lets see if your radar is better than ole Tex's."

"You might be surprised" Ryan told him. "The guards will handle your release documents, after that you may leave" he instructed. "I hope I don't see you again too soon" he added and turned around and walked out of the room.

"Oh," Draxx said softly. "You won't be seeing me at all. Far too dangerous if Rex is here." As he waited for release, he wondered when the briefcase would unlock. Rex had left it for a reason. And what it contained.

Just after midnight the briefcase in the chief's office unlocked revealing copies of Raddon corp files. All their research data on live species experimentation with Ketracel-white.


Lieutenant Ryan Milarno
Chief Security Officer

Ricardo Draxx
NPC Liam Reynolds


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