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Piercing the veil

Posted on Sat Apr 7, 2018 @ 1:08am by Commander Amia Telamon M.D. & Lieutenant Ryan Milarno & Lieutenant Si'Lar Trellis

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Main Sick Bay - Morgue
Timeline: MD 4 - 1230

Lieutenant Junior Grade Deborah Kato stood over the remains of the Bolian and patiently observed while the Doctor conducted the autopsy. It had taken hours for the Security Department to gain access to the Storage Facility owned by the Raddon Corporation and gather the remains of the alleged intruder inside of the facility. Despite repeated requests, the Raddon Corporation's Security Office had been less than forthcoming in their explanation for what happened or even how the Bolian gained access to the facility or tripped the security feature in the first place.

Benj went through the standard preparation of the "patient" and cleaned up, lay out and scanned the body with care and thorough examination. He knew how important it was that this autopsy should reveal all that was here to be seen. If he missed anything, it may be the key between solving this man's death and letting something important go undetected. He only spoke to record the details and report what he was doing, step by step, as was compulsory in such a case.

"I have never encountered a forcefield that could sever a person in half." The Forensic Investigator said while she stood off to the side with the Chief of Security. "The field had to have been set to level 10 when it came online. But what security system would initiate such lethal protocols for mere intruders, especially in a cargo storage facility?" She asked incredulously.

Ryan shook his head. "That's what I would like to know Lieutenant. The only thing that springs to mind is that it's been modified, not a standard generator. They must be hiding something...which brings us back to the point of why such would make sense or...they're keeping something in."

"Something in or someone out?" Benj muttered away from the microphone he was using to record the autopsy details.

"From the look of things, Raddon wanted to keep people out, but this particular person found a way through. However, I still don't understand why he would have such a lethal security system in place. You'd think that he'd want to keep the intruders captured so they could be handed over to proper authorities." Ltjg Kato said to the Doctor.

"Sir, I haven't been able to get sensor information from the inside of the Facility due to Raddon's damn sensor blocking devices." She said, clearly annoyed. "We still have no idea how he is able to create a localized disruption field around sensors within his storage facilities, so we're stuck with just the information we could obtain from outside the doors." Kato said as she handed a padd to Milarno. "It appears that there was more than one Humanoids that attempted to gain access to that particular storage facility. "If my readings are correct, then at least one person was a Cardassian and another was Human." She said.

His frown deepened the more she explained, Ryan looked over the padd quickly then back at her. "Then where the hell are they? Either they got out before the field activated or they have them?" he theorised with a frustration in his voice.

"I don't know. None of are scans are showing any trace of the Humanoids anywhere outside of the main entrance of the facility." She said as she brought up the report. "I track Dorian and two other Humans approached the facility, but after that our records only show the one Human who you encountered as well as Dorian himself." She said with a furrowed brow. Kato enjoyed puzzles as much as the next person, but this completely vexxed her.

"We haven't been able to access the inside of that particular storage bay to perform a more in-depth scan. There's also the issue of their use of a secondary transportation hub between the facility and their vessel The Matthias." She said. "Clearly there were beam-outs in between the storage facility and that vessel, but the station doesn't typically monitor private ship activities except in certain situations, so we have no sensor information for what was beamed out." She said as she looked back at the autopsy being formed.

"Maybe he can provide us with more information." she said.

"Agreed" Ryan replied and turned to the doctor. "Do you have any information that could shed some light on all of this doctor?" he asked.

"Not yet, I've only just completed the basics to begin this investigation." Benj said. "I will need to be thorough so i cannot rush but I won't keep you any longer than i have to, I promise you that."

"So what now?" Kato said as she looked towards the new Chief Security Officer. She knew that they couldn't waltz into the Raddon Corporation facility, but this case still demanded certain answers.

"I don't see how anything can be done legally until I can find anything that proves any wrongdoing." Benj replied, not looking up. "I've promised some details as soon as I can finish the tests. Can I report back to everyone in a couple of hours?"

"That will be fine with me." Lt. Kato said as she closed her report and turned towards the Security Chief. "Any idea on what to do next?" She asked.

Ryan nodded. "Of course doctor" he replied and turned to Kato. "I'm going to organise to speak with them, Raddon, Gabriel...whoever decides to grant my request, we need answers and tip toeing around things won't help us any. We need to ask them directly"

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Lt. j.g.
Deborah Kato
Forensic Investigator


Lt Amoran, Benj


Lieutenant Ryan Milarno
Chief Security Officer


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