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Extend an invitation

Posted on Fri Feb 16, 2018 @ 8:04pm by Civilian Ricardo Draxx

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Unknown
Timeline: MD4 1700


The comm. link opened revealing the large head of the man in charge.

"I assume your message has been given," the alien demanded, his chins wobbling.

"Yes my lord, however you know Draxx. Once the shocks died for him, he'll do things his own way,"

"Of course, I'm counting on it. Within reason of course," the alien nodded then stuffed a large handful of eggs into his mouth chewing.

He swallowed finally the unknown assiliant inwardly wincing at the disgustingness of one of the blue yolks dribbling down his chin. "Am I to return to you my lord or is there more required in the station?"

"Raddon corp. I have been watching them for awhile now. It's time to extend an invitation," he said after a moment.

"And if the old man doesn't take it?"

"We'll take everything from him, then make an example of him," the alien said simply.

The unknown assailant knelt down and bowed his head, "yes my lord."

"One more thing, the colour changer. Draxx will of course try protect her. He's become too sentimental in our absence. Make sure he does keep her safe. And keep an eye on Reynolds too. I need my most powerful henceman either cured or replaced."

"Yes my lord."


Unknown assailant
Npc Liam Reynolds

"The Lord"
Npc Liam Reynolds


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