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An invitation

Posted on Fri Feb 23, 2018 @ 2:23am by Civilian Ricardo Draxx & Civilian Melvyn Raddon

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Raddon's personal quarters
Timeline: MD5 00:01


The hypo spray pressed into the old mans neck releasing a cold shuddering sensation throughout his whole body as the lights to his bedroom switched on.

Melvyn sharply regained consciousness long before his eyes opened. It took him several moments to recognize the sensation that was quickly cascading through his body. He sat up and looked around his room and only saw that his communications system had been activated. He searched for his weapon that he kept near his bed.

"There's no point. No alarms have been tripped. Your chief of security is being watched by an associate of mine and him or his staff are nowhere close and we have the technology to beam undetected without shutting down generators. Someone only wishes to talk to you," the unknown man stated. "Play your cards right and my lord may share that technology with you. Must be a complete bummer having to knock out the generators every time you want to threaten someone," he quipped.

The large comm. Screen in the old mans quarters came to life and an alien species Raddon had never seen before filled it. "Mr Raddon. Apologies for waking you but," he sighed slowly, "well midnight always has a poetic feel to it when conducting business."

"You call this conducting business?" He asked rhetorically. "I rather see it as an invitation to a certain death." He said bitterly. "Who. . .or better yet, what are you and why are you wasting my time?" He asked the alien defiantly.

The alien smiled and it was quite a unnerving thing to experience revealing a second set of sharp teeth. "I am your lord. Emperor of what you term a mirror universe. Come now to stake my claim on this one, where I was originally born. My prior incantation I was known as the crime lord of the Orion markets, Thom the bloody, Thom the merciless. You will only find solid details back 10 years before I faked my death and left my son in charge. It seems he was weak, so ahead of plans I have returned. if you going for your weapon my associate already removed it. Many have tried to kill me, they have all failed Mr. Raddon."

"How unfortunate for that universe." Melvyn said dryly. He was familiar with the existence of mirror universes. However, the likelihood of your average civilian encountering the sufficient factors and level of technology to actual transport the individual into a mirror universe was exponentially small. However, Melvyn quickly realized that this individual must have a significant network both here and wherever the hell he comes from to be able to reach him in such a fashion.

"I do not enjoy repeating myself, Mr. . . Bloody." Melvyn continued. "Therefore, I suggest you answer my question about why you are wasting my time." He said firmly.

"Your business is interfering in my business. I thought I would give you an opportunity to join me now and I will play nice. Your counterpart in my universe broke so quickly but that was 10 years ago. I give you a choice, pledge your allegiance now or continue to be in my business and I will slowly take away the things you love one by one until you have nothing Mr Raddon, except your arrogance for company," the alien informed him.

Melvyn's interest was piqued at the moment. What business could this monstrosity have that would be even remotely related to the enterprise that Melvyn had spent a lifetime cultivating.

"Your business thus fars seems to be breaking & entering." He said as he rubbed his neck. "I fail to see how that is anyhow or way connected to my various interests." He said pointedly. "In this universe or any other." He said, someone curious as to how his counterpart rose to prominence and supposedly fell.

"Well you would know all about breaking and entering Mr Raddon. A certain Bajoran female, pull your goons off her. Go nowhere near the colour changing alien who owns the box and if any of your "boys" and idiot allies continue to manipulate events on this station further trying to get your opportunity's I will be very displeased," The alien told him simply. "I'd like to keep you alive Mr Raddon, your counterpart in my other realm is useful. And I believe you could be too. Don't make me displeased."

Melvyn allowed smile to dance across his face.

And we come to the center of the shrubbery maze. He thought to himself as the full picture of the situation came into focus. The garish creature before him was nothing more than a jealous lover. Melvyn had been the recipient of one or two angry encounters by the boyfriends and sometimes husbands of women who had been drawn into Melvyn's magnetic personal wiles.

" that explains it." Melvyn replied. "For a moment I almost believed your fantastical tale of alternate universes and such, but you showed your hand too soon." He said. "First, I know nothing of any kind of Bajoran tramp. If she's gained the attention of of so many other men, then perhaps you should re-evaluate your relationship." He said with a cutting tone.

"Second, if I wanted that Barkeep gone, I'd have her business shuttered and her on an Orion garbage scow headed back to that dustball of a planet she calls home. . .or even worse" He said, allowing the last part of his sentence to hang in the air. "Now go back to your women and regale them with stories of how you were their big strong protector." He said as he approached the display panel and reached for the disconnect button.

"And pray that I don't ever see you again. . ." He said as he reached for the button.

The alien merely held his hand up and looked to a figure off-screen. "Rex remotely open the briefcase you previously left inside of Main Security. Some of your biological research in both realms makes for an interesting read. Your counterpart in my realm has got much further into things but I guess It's illegal here yes?"

Melyvn hesitated as he realized what was just said to him. It caused him to pause. Although he would never show it in his own facial expressions, it was obvious that he was shocked and caught-off guard by the creature's response.

The male voice boomed, "It is done my lord."

"Good night Mr Raddon, I shall follow your advice and return to my many hundreds of women and men too, informing them I have no power over you."

Melvyn watched the still blackness of the screen before him as the link disconnected. He knew that this situation was going to become much more complicated.


Melvyn Raddon
Chief Executive Officer
Raddon Corporation

The "Lord" and megamaniac
NPC Liam Reynolds


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