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John Doe and Jonathan Doe

Posted on Sat May 26, 2018 @ 1:37am by Commander Maritza Soran & Commander Amia Telamon M.D.

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD06 2100


The two young men staggered through the doors to sick bay, where one was promptly sick into one of the potted Aspidistras that flanked reception.

"Is there a doctor?" The other asked. "We're sick."

Amia, talking to the Reception at that exact moment rolled her eyes and muttered. "Code 4 clean up, main reception, plant stand." in response to which the Receptionist punched in some instructions and a conical beam emitted from the ceiling and engulfed, deteriorated and then sucked up the dust within a 10cm circumference all around the defiled pot and plant inside it.

The sudden appearance of the beam and the 'zapping' of the plant, pot and all, right next to the men made them both jump back and exclaim.

"Decontam team to reception" Amia went on with her instructions to the Receptionist. "...but first, two to be beamed direct to Quarantine Suites 1 & 2 right away please." Then she walked away.

Within seconds the two men shimmered and reappeared inside a quarantine bay each separate from the other and forcefields keeping them inside their allocated 'temporary quarters'.

Amia had taken herself into the outer Quarantine areas and covered herself up. She was now wearing disposable coveralls, a surgical retainer over her hair, a biofilter over her nose and mouth and protective gloves and shoes and now she sat behind plastiglass which allowed her to speak to both of the new arrivals either at once or separately.

She planted her gloved fists on her covered hips and spoke through the two way audio. She had set the 'windows' to two way as well so they could see her as well as she could see them.

"Right, now that you've stopped spreading whatever is wrong with you all over my nice clean Sickbay, perhaps you'd like to be a little more forthcoming about your symptoms - "We're sick" isn't a diagnosis I've been taught to use since I got out of kindergarten." she said, sounding not in the least bit sympathetic at this point.

~and if you're just intoxicated or hung over, I'm not in the mood to be gentle with my treatment plans~ she thought.

Liam was probably right, she should maybe start her maternity leave fairly soon, she seemed exhausted most of the time these days, even when she was fresh out of bed!

The one who hadn't vomited was looking distinctly queasy. "We just can't keep anything down. We came off a long shift, went to the public replimat, and now we -" He stopped, as his
body contorted, and then he was coughing up his stomach there wasn't much distinguishable food in it. just bile yellow and orange chunks.

And blood.

Amia began to take this more seriously now.

"Which repromat on which level?" she asked as she prepared some medication to calm their stomachs and stop the retching. If they were bringing up only bile and blood mainly there was a serious chance one or both of them may suffer a stomach haemorrhage and she didn't want that adding to whatever was going on.

"Put yourselves onto the biobeds and try not to move about too much. There are receptacles on the side, they look like cardboard hats... if you can catch something of what you're bringing up in one of those and feed the whole pot into the slot in the cabinet under the monitor we can analise what is in your stomachs. I'm going to run some scans too and I need you on those beds for the machinery to get a proper look." she added, setting up the scanners and some tests on their main organs for any symptoms other than the obvious stomach ones.

"I may need to have the beds rehydrate you but I'll come in and set that up in a few minutes. Just make yourselves as comfortable as possible in the meantime while I get that repromat looked at. Are there any others who you saw use it at the same time? Any of your colleagues? Anyone you knew?" it was a long shot but she did need to collect as much information as possible.

The two men just looked confused , "There's more than one replimat?" asked the first, whilst his friend wiped the dregs of his stomach away. "Er,the one where all the shops and bars are?" he put his hand over his mouth to cover a dry retch. "We were there with a couple of our friends, but they're fine."

"If by Repromat you mean a replicator for the production of beverages and meals, then there's one on every level of the Promenade Decks which are literally dozens and dozens, of course, and still more on some of the habitat rings and - well virtually everywhere. There are hundreds of levels to this station and thousands of people to feed." Amia said, frustrated. Where had these people been working that they didn't know this?

Amia contacted security as soon as she had the details. =^= Sickbay to Lieutenant Milarno =^= she made the call herself.

Ryan put down the report he was looking over when his badge chirped, he tapped it quickly to establish a channel. =^= Milarno here doctor, what can I do for you? =^=

=^= I need your assistance please. I have two men in sickbay who seem to have some very bad symptoms of stomach problems. They are saying they ate from the repromat but if by that they mean public replicators, then they aren't aware that there are dozens of these. They claim to have worked a long shift but if they were Starfleet they would know more about the Promenade Levels and facilities so I'm unsure as to where they have originated and they also claim they had colleagues with them who were not affected. I can't imagine it's possible to shut down all the public replicators on the whole station and if only some subjects are affected, I may have to try to work out what these two have in common genetically and what their colleagues don't also have. I am at a loss as to what I should suggest? Are we on the verge of an epidemic? Or are these two just ... well, what? =^= she stopped and waited for Ryan to offer a suggestion.

A heavy frown came over Ryan's forehead. =^= I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet doctor, you could run tests to determine who these individuals are, am I right? And from there we can piece together who they are and where they work and who for, that should help with our enquiry. Shutting down the replicators can be done, but not something I would jump to immediately without definitive reason. I would surmise that had it been a problem with the replicators you would have had an influx of patients by now. If you would transfer me the results of DNA scans from both patients I will get to work on finding out a reasonable reason for your mystery patients, unless of course you have something else in mind? =^=

=^= No Lieutenant, those sound like very reasonable proposals. You're right about the influx of other cases, I wish I'd thought of that. I'll transfer the data immediately and be very glad of your help. Thank you. =^= Amia replied, thinking that she must have baby-brain badly to have missed that logic.

At which point the radiation alarms went off.

The klaxons sounded and the blue lights flashed. Quarantine started it but it was closely followed by the main bay outside of those suites.

"Tr**f" Amia swore in her native BaKu language.

She slapped her comm badge as she retreated to the rear doors. =^= Telamon to Amoran =^= she breathed hard as she began to run.
=^= Benj? I never would do this to you if I had any alternative but i have to protect my baby. There's a radiation leak in the quarantine suites but also in main Sickbay. Could you please take charge? I feel like I'm dodging my responsibilities here but ..... the babe.... she may not be able to withstand whatever it is? =^= she explained sadly.

=^= Get out of there right now Boss. RIGHT NOW! I'll be there on and emergency medical transport. =^=

=^= Benj, I can never thank you enough. You'll need to use those DNA samples Milarno had me take and see where those two miscreants came from. Gods know where they have brought it from or where they've left trails of it. =^= she said. =^= perhaps you can get Milarno to help look into the results and the data? I am so sorry! Good luck, stay safe! Telamon out =^=

=^= Amoran to Milarno =^= Ben put in the call instantly, as soon as Amia was off the channel.

Ryan had only just begun to look into the DNA scans on his monitor when another call came through from sickbay. Sitting back in his chair he tapped his badge quickly once again =^= Milarno here, go ahead =^=

=^= Chief, could you spare a few minutes in Sickbay please? =^= Benj told Ryan. =^= Stop at the door for HazMat protective clothing though =^= he added.

=^= Of course I’m on my way, Milarno out =^= he replied and got up from his desk quickly and left his office and made his way out of the department.

Minutes later he arrived outside of sickbay

Benj had set to work making sure all the staff and patients already inside Sickbay were kitted out with the HazMat clothing when he’d been waiting for Ryan to arrive. He was at the doorway waiting with a suit ready to hand it to the Chief of Security when he came in.

“Are the radiation alarms going off anywhere out there? Or is it only us?” Benj asked as Ryan started suiting himself up.

“Just you, for now. I take it you have an update for me then doctor I assume? Things have escalated since I spoke to Dr Telamon”

“The DNA tests you asked about, she did them and they’re not on the station staff. Nor on our visitors’ list either. They’re obviously from one of the ships but I have no idea how they got in here for help? I mean, if they got sick on a ship, why leave it? Why not get their own sickbay on board to help them? And they’re genuinely shocked and scared by the radiation alarms and all the suiting up they can see going on. They weren’t aware what they were bringing here. It’s all full of twists and turns and none of it makes sense.” Benj told Ryan.

Ryan stood with his hazmat helmet in his hand, the last piece to fit before entering. He sighed heavily and he agreed, none of it made sense. “Okay so they weren’t aware so it’s not intentional...we can rule that out at least” he thought quickly. “Why haven’t the station’s bio filters alerted either of us to this well before now?”

Benj shrugged his shoulders. “Your guess is as good as mine.” he said. “But also, where have they come from? Who are they? Should we try to talk to them?”

“I suggest we find out, shall we?” he asked as he started to pull the Hazmat helmet over his head. It had been a long time since he’d worn one of them, he quickly realised he still didn’t like them.

Benj had been in his for a few minutes now but he didn’t like them either. They were even worse than the environmental suit helmets. He had the microphone on so when Milarno put his on they were immediately connected. “This way” he said and led the way for the Security Chief to come on inside and meet the two in the centre of all this.

After activating the microphone he followed Benj into sickbay until they both stopped in front of the two separated quarantine rooms. Ryan walked the length of both rooms, looking inside at both men. “Well they certainly don’t look dangerous…” he commented. “Completely normal” he added as he stopped in front of one of the rooms and he tapped the panel at the side of the door to initiate two way communication.

Benj, linked already to Ryan, could hear what was being said and also via the link, could hear the responses that Ryan was receiving. The two of them stood side by side but Ryan did the talking.

“I’m Lieutenant Milarno, Chief of Security of this station. I understand this situation might be worrying for you but trust me, you’re in good hands” he began. “To put it simply I need to know who you are and where you came from? You aren’t going to be in any trouble”

~Oh but they SO are!~ Benj thought to himself silently as he waited for the man to reply.

"Cole Renard," said the first, wiping blood stained spittle on his lips with the back of his hands. He glanced at it and winced. "This is Japinder Patel. We're engineers, on Svikiri"

"Oh shit" Benj muttered. "I think I need to escalate this to the CO."

Milarno agreed.

=^= okay, wait here =^= Benj told Cole. =^= We'll be back. =^=

The sick engineer muttered something about not being able to go anywhere if he wanted to and the two officers set off out of sickbay, recycling their hazmat clothing on the way out and Benj contacted Amia on his way up to the CO's office. She agreed to meet them there as she needed to be updated and it was safe for her up on that level.

Soran met them in her office, but it was obvious that the CO had been called away rfom getting ready to be. Her normally tighthly pinned and plaited hair was hanging loose to waist. and she wasn't wearing a uniform, but civilian garb of loose pants and tunic. "What can I do for you doctor?"

Benj looked at the CO and wondered how to begin.

"In Sickbay." he started then he decided to just pour it out. "We had two people come in. They weren't Starfleet or didn't seem to be but anyway they were immediately sick everywhere so Am.... the CMO... put them into quarantine because we didn't know why they were vomiting... " he realised he was going into too much detail so he drew in a breath. "and to cut a long story they set of radiation alarms and we investigated and it turns out they're from Svikiri. One is Cole Renard. The other Japinder Patel and we need to do something to stop any more of their colleagues coming over with radiation sickness. If in fact there aren't already some more here somewhere... and we need to clean it all up and of course, you need to know Ma'am" he summed it all up from his perspective.

"Amia is out of range of the sickbay for obvious reasons but she's out and about and can come up here for an update... I had hoped she'd be here already but we did have emergency medical transport available to us which she does not so she'll be coming the long way." he added and true to the old adage, speak of the devil, it was at that moment that the CMO arrived somewhat out of breath.

Maritza let out a thoughtful breath. The Svikiri was irradiating its crew? That wasn't good. "I'll speak to Captain Hayashi and the admiral. In the meantime, do we need to do anything more to keep the station safe?" She vacated her chair for the pregnant Amia to sit.

"Thank you ma'am" Amia was grateful for the seat and sat in it heavily. "We need to ascertain how much of the station is affected. The patients said they'd been at 'the replimat' but didn't know there are dozens all over the place so they couldn't tell us where they meant." Amia explained. "We can't shut them all down.... on the other hand... we need to make sure noone is consuming irradiated food or drink. I wonder if there's a way to trace their steps backwards..... perhaps with a geiger counter?" she suggested.

"Most likely they mean the central replimat on the Prom. Its where all the new arrivals end up. I'll call science, ask them to run trace and decontamination." She paused. The radiation would tally in with the strange readings science had got watching that days weapons test. "In the mean time, you and Doctor Amoran, talk to your patients. See if you can find out what they actually were doing on Svikiri that might have exposed them."

"I can't go back in right now but Dr Amoran will take that on until the whole of main Sickbay is clear of radiation. If there are any new casualties coming in who scan free of radiation, I can take charge of treating them in a 'clean' environment by opening up the Auxiliary Sickbay on the deck below Main" Amia offered.

"Very well. "She looked at her two senior most doctors. "Let me know if you need anything. I look forward to seeing what you find in the morning."

"Yes Ma'am" Amia replied and with Benj in step, they left the CO's office. At the turbo lift they went to different floors, agreeing to keep in constant communication as they ran tandem sickbays through the Gamma shift.


Cmdr Amia Telamon


Lt Amoran, Benj
Assi CMO - DS5


Commander Maritza Soran


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