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Posted on Fri May 11, 2018 @ 12:47pm by Commander Caleb Ryan & Civilian Opal Oliver Dr

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Opal's apartment
Timeline: MD 4 0800

Caleb stirred and rolled over, finding something warm and soft next to him. His strong arm slipped around the other body in the bed as he spooned up behind it. But returning to sleep proved elusive, and he lifted his head to look at the chrono.

Caleb let out a quiet curse as he saw the time. He was late for work! He wondered why no one had called to check on him. And then he remembered that he was the Executive Officer now. He didn’t have a set office hour.

But he did have a daughter that he was used to seeing off to school, a daughter no doubt wondering where her prodigal father was right now.

Opal stirred too. She felt Caleb's body nestle up to hers, and she was immediately flooded with memories of the night before, and it felt warm and exciting all over again. When he put his arm around her, the strength of it sent shivers of appreciation down her spine. She really couldn't believe her luck that someone like Caleb was here with her. She was sure it couldn't last, and especially since she was even more sure that his daughter wouldn't accept her. Or perhaps any other woman, herself or anyone.

However, for now, she banished the idea that it wouldn't last long in favour of spending as long as possible enjoying his attentions while she could. She nestled back against him and murmured something about how she wished this moment could last. Then she rolled around inside Caleb's arms and placed a kiss on his muscular chest. "Good morning," she sighed, nestling against his warmth.

“Good mornin’,” Caleb murmured, gazing into Opal’s sleepy eyes. “Ah’m late for work,” he said with a sigh, leaning in to kiss her. “Zandy is gonna wonder where Ah am.” He cringed slightly.

The mention of his daughter poured metaphoric cold water on the whole atmosphere, and Opal extricated herself and sat up. It was odd that such a young teenager could instill so much bad aura.

"Do you have time for breakfast? If I make you a bacon and egg sandwich to take with you?" she asked, kissing his shoulder, even though she had an instinct she knew what the answer would be.

Caleb paused, not wanting to be rude. “Sure,” he said. He didn’t want to rush off. “Ah’m sorry. Ah’m makin’ this awkward, Opal,” he apologized, searching around for his boxers. Where had they ended up?

"No, it's not awkward at all. I understand if you have to go. I do," she reassured him. "So a quick sandwich to go?" she suggested again. "Or just coffee in a thermal cup?" She didn't want him to feel as if any time he stayed he was going to get held up in the morning and always have to be late or anything. Now that would be awkward for him, and she wanted his experiences of being with her to always leave with a great feeling, not a sense of nuisance, and not being able to come and go as he pleased. She didn't know how to tell him that though, and today she didn't try.

“The sandwich would be lovely.” Caleb leaned in and kissed her before pulling on his boxers. He would need to stop by his quarters and get fresh clothes, too. His hand roamed along her body, brushing over one of her bare breasts. Maybe he could avoid an awkward conversation with his daughter if he just waited until she was at school.

As his hands roamed over her willing flesh, she shivered with delight and desire, and when his fingertips brushed her breast her nipple contracted in response, and she couldn't contain a soft moan. Her full lips raised towards his and her eyes became misty and took on a longing look. She moved instinctively closer to him as if her body was drawn in by a magnet she couldn't resist.

"I... I'm sorry. I'll get that sandwich," she began, but her legs didn't want to unwind from his, and she had no desire to force them away either.

Caleb stared into Opal’s eyes and caressed back her blonde hair. “Maybe the sandwich can wait,” he murmured. “Ah suddenly find mahself hungry for somethin’ else entirely.” His hands slid down to cup her firm bottom, lifting her into place as he joined them together once more. He couldn’t get enough of this beautiful woman.

Opal's joy was expressed in her response. She was as enamoured of this amazing man as she could possibly be. He was so handsome and so hot. He was strong and tall, and he had the most incredibly gorgeous eyes that she could drown in. She was delighted that he didn't want the sandwich just yet. She had rather hoped against hope that he'd find time to stay a little longer. When he did, she melted into him as if they were one being.

When they finally finished their morning lovemaking, Caleb pressed his forehead to Opal’s, breathing heavily, his weight still atop her lush, naked body. “An’ now Ah’ve prob’ly made you late, too,” he said with a satisfied smile. This woman was amazing. Kind, gentle, so responsive. He hadn’t connected with a woman like this since…

Caleb felt guilty, thinking of Mika. Was this betraying the memory of his wife?

“Ah think it might be time ya came over,” Caleb murmured.

"That would be brilliant," she answered quickly, and with enthusiasm. Split seconds later she added on, "If you want me to Caleb, I'd be delighted and honoured, but I don't want you to feel pressured into something that's going to be uncomfortable for you,” she explained, "or your daughter," she added carefully as an apparent afterthought, although it was anything but that.

Caleb gave a smile. “Ah do want ya to,” he said. “An’ it ain’t fair ta Zandy if Ah continue on behind her back with datin’ ya. She should meet ya, get ta know what a wonderful woman ya are, an’ why Ah love ya.” He kissed her softly. He hoped Aleczandra took it as well as he’d presented it to Opal. He’d noticed his daughter tended to get a little...possessive about him. He assumed that was because they were all they had to each other after her mother’s death.

Opal kissed him back, melting with delight at the softness of his touch and his voice. "I love you too, Caleb. I hope your daughter can like me. It matters so much!" she said, anxiety in her voice. If she couldn't get on the right side of Zandy, she suspected it wouldn't matter how much she and Caleb loved each other; there would be no getting around or over that hurdle.

“I’m sure she’ll adore you as much as Ah do,” Caleb said. “But she’s a teenager, so Ah never know what’s gonna come from her.” He laughed.

Caleb sat up. “Ya want the shower first?” he offered.

"First? We're showering separately? What did i do wrong?" she teased.

Caleb laughed. “Ya wanna be even later ta work?” he asked her. “Ah’m not complainin’, but Dr. Telamon might.”

"I'll tell her I caught a virus." Opal smiled. "Actually, I'll just say I didn't want to get up, and could I have a morning off please. She'll be okay with that, because I never do it, and she's always nagging me to take some of my leave before it expires again. What about you? Will the CO be after your perfect ass? Tell her it's mine, and she can't have it!!"

Caleb chuckled. “Ah wouldn’t wanna inflict Commander Soren on ya, darlin’,” he said. “Ah’m sorry.” He kissed her again and finally forced himself to roll out of bed. “As it is, Zandy’s gonna be wonderin’ where Ah’m at.”

"Will there be problems when you tell her?" Opal looked a little worried.

Caleb shrugged. “She is a teenager. Who can predict anythin’?” he asked Opal. “We’ve only had each other for the last couple years. It’s always hard fittin’ in someone new. We both loved her mother. No one can replace Mika.”

"I would never even think of trying to replace her," Opal said with feeling, blushing at the very thought of trying to take such a tactless approach. "Perhaps I should say that right off when we first meet, so she knows that?" she suggested.

She also took this on board. Not only did she have to avoid clashing with the notoriously violent teenage daughter, but that comment from Caleb himself also spoke volumes. Caleb said and believed there was no one who could replace his dead wife, and it sounded as if Opal would be setting herself up to fail if she tried to fit into a place that could appear to offer some kind of challenge to the woman who, now she was a dead heroine and legend, was going to be unassailable. She was doomed to be immediately compared by both father and daughter. It was natural to see someone doing a similar role and instinctively notice the things they did differently and those they did the same. Opal couldn't win. If she was very similar she'd be resented for copying and trying to compete, or if she did it all deliberately differently, she would be going against the grain and upsetting their routines and expectations. She sighed softly and, once Caleb had left and she was alone, she spent time dwelling on her tactics and strategies.

For now however, she had promised him eggs, so she pulled on her sleek, silk dressing gown and began preparing the breakfast.


Dr. Opal Oliver
Civilian General Practitioner
PNPC Amia Telamon

Cdr. Caleb Ryan
Executive Officer


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