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Addiction Jitters (Part 1 of 2)

Posted on Tue May 15, 2018 @ 2:44am by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin & Civilian Aleczandra Naqiis-Ryan

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Somewhere below deck 1000
Timeline: MD 6 0200


Aleczandra yawned over her chemistry homework and stretched.

This is boring. You know this stuff. You’re ahead of your class anyway. Let’s go out and have some fun.

“No,” Aleczandra told Juheni and Kinony. “Your kind of fun leads to trouble, Juheni, and Kinony, pretty sure Teena might take issue with your kind of fun being had without her.”

Honey, she wouldn’t even know.

“I would know. And then Teena would know. Betazed, remember?”

You wouldn’t have to know…

“What does that mean?”


Aleczandra felt Juheni glaring at Kinony.

Kinony just chuckled.

Zandra shook her head and went back to studying. Soon her head was drooping again, until suddenly she sat up abruptly.


Juheni… Kinony warned.

Stop taking over my daughter, you bastard! Mika scolded.

“I’m bored. Shut up.” Aleczandra got up and dug out a flat case from under the mattress. She opened it to reveal several hypospray vials and a hypospray. She fit one of the vials into the spray and set the dosage.

“Just a little. This stuff is gold.” She pressed it to her neck with a hiss, and the other voices quiet down, leaving Juheni in complete command of Aleczandra’s body for the next several hours.

Replacing the case in its hiding place, Aleczandra went to the bathroom and took up her colorizor. She began the slow process of turning her rainbow hair black. Once that was done, she dressed in tight, form fitting black combat suit and a long jacket. She slipped her wrist sheaths on under the jacket and tucked her hair up under the hood.

It wouldn’t do to get caught on security sensors leaving the quarters, but that was fine. Juheni had long since come up with another way out, so that Aleczandra would have deniability. She retrieved a small black cylindrical device from a hiding place in the leg of Aleczandra’s bed. It was the sensor scrambler she had taken from Nazl after she killed the Ferengi, figuring it would come in handy. The one used by the Humans who had beaten the Ferengi to a pulp had been useful. It was nice that Nazl was such an underhanded sleaze to have one of his own.

Zandra stood on the bed and undid the loose bolts on the ventilation grate. It was small, but Aleczandra was small enough to squeeze through. It would deposit her out into a rear maintenance tunnel behind this row of quarters. There were fewer and less monitored security sensors in the maintenance tunnels, and she could make her way a few sections away to where an exit was hidden behind some potted plants in a rather busy residential junction. There also happened to be a sensor blind spot there.

Sometimes it was handy to have access to station security computers.

Aleczandra merged into the crowd with her hood up, keeping her face concealed. She made her way down to the lower depths of the station, to the place where Hex had brought him to meet Gev, the man controlling the station’s underground elements.

The crowd was rather raucous and loud as she entered the large warehouse space. She could hear the blows already coming from the center where the ring was located. Zandra made her way over to the bar.

“Tholian Fire,” Zandra ordered, a rather strong and potent cinnamon flavored Andorian vodka. She tossed it back, feeling it burn, and then ordered a more standard Terran ale as she turned to watch the bout as a muscled Orion and a tall Nausicaan pounded on each other.

This latest bout was being held in a currently unused bay for storing work bees. The ring was an octagon of portable force fields, perhaps ten meters across. There were three pre-arranged bouts, and an open bout versus the standing champion.

Gevran looked over his audience as they filtered in, pockets heavy with latinum for the betting. Just the way he liked it. They were a motley sort, mostly from cultures with more violent, primitive tendencies. Less Federation, more independent. Klingons, but some Andorians. Breen, but some Cardassians, Gorns, and Nausicaans.

And one caught his eye. One was Human. Not so unusual. But this one was a young woman. He gave a brief smile. Miss Ryan. He indicated her to his consigliore, who duly nodded and drew the young woman out of the main crowd and over to where Gevran was watching.

'You're out after lights out, Miss Ryan. Is there something I can do for you?"

Aleczandra sipped her ale. “I want in,” she said. “Want to get some blood on my hands. What are the rules?” She looked to the fight. It wasn’t going well for the Naussicaan. She recognized some of the black tribal scarification on the Orion. Tejera clan. Who currently led that clan? Juheni had been out of the Syndicate loop for a hundred years. He really needed to refamiliarize himself with the players in the game now.

Gevran raised an eyebrow, the wrinkled folds of his skin rippling out. "This might be a bit beyond your talents. Skill is one thing, but biology counts for just as much in the arena.”

“It does. But so does smart planning. I wasn’t the best because I was an idiot muscle head like those two.” He nodded to where the Orion was smashing the Naussicaan’s face into his knee. “If you want, find someone in my class, then” She looked over at Gev. “Bet on me. You’ll rake in the latinum.”

Gevran snorted. "I take it in on all the fighters, or they don't fight. I'm taking a huge risk having the station XO's kid down here. What happens if you step in the ring and get killed?"

“Get the symbiote home to Trill, and dump the body in a reclamator,” Aleczandra said. “Easy enough. Look, as far as you’re concerned, I’m not the girl. I’m just someone wanting a fight. After all, how could an upstanding businessman like yourself be expected to know the XO’s daughter? You have deniability.” She unzipped her hoody a bit and pulled a strip of latinum out of her bra. “I believe this is the required buy in?"

"Not for you," The Yridian replied. "Call it symbiont insurance. Getting a worm to Trill quickly isn't cheap. Five strips."

Aleczandra glared at Gevran, but then she pulled four more strips out of her bra. “For that price, I better get free drinks,” she said, tossing back her drink and slamming down the glass. “Now find me a fight. I want people to see what I’m capable of so maybe I can get some jobs.”

To Be Continued

Aleczandra Ryan/Juheni Naaqis
Civilian/Syndicate assassin
NPC Caleb Ryan

Gevran and associates
NPC Maritza Soran


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