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Stitched Up

Posted on Fri Jul 6, 2018 @ 7:01am by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin & Civilian Aleczandra Naqiis-Ryan

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: The Box of Delights
Timeline: MD06 0300


Yolanthe was locking up The Box when the hooded girl, and it was obvious to her eyes it was a girl, approached. "We're closed," she said. "There's a few private lounges on the Mile that open late."

“Not looking for a drink or entertainment,” the hooded figure said, her voice a bit muffled. “Gev said you have a confidential medical EMH?”

The girl moved close enough for Yolanthe to see the mess that her face was. It was hard to recognize who under the swollen features and broken jaw. Her hair was jet black, the eyes blue, though one was swollen closed.

Yolanthe looked at the wreck of her face. Then she sighed and began unlocking. "I'm not a charity, this isn't Federation healthcare. Three strips of latinum, up front."

Aleczandra scowled a bit, but dug the strips out from her bra and handed them over. “There’s more if you can keep quiet,” she said, following Yolanthe inside.

The strips vanished inside Yolanthe's shirt. "What happens in The Box, stays in the Box." She locked up behind them as they entered, and then walked up to holospa and loaded the EMH into the first suite. A moment later the familiar middle aged human man appeared. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

"Her." Yolanthe jerked her thumb at the hooded Aleczandra, then let the doors close on Aleczandra and the EMH.

"Well, then," the EMH began as a Fleet standard medical bay appeared around them. "Please, have a seat." He indicated the biobed to her left.

“Thank you,” Aleczandra said, lowering her hood. She could trust Yolanthe, she felt. She wondered if she could do the same with the bald holodoc. At least it was a good Mark 1, and not the kind of quirky, a bit creepy, Mark 2. She winced and pressed a hand to her jaw.

“Got me a good beating, doc,” she said. “I trust you don’t have to report this to Security?”

"None of your injuries appear consistent with mandatory reporting requirements, and even if the were, Miss Ibalin has had matters arranged so I am cut off from communicating with the computer network. Confidentiality isn't just a matter of professional ethics, but hard coded into my program."

“That’s comforting,” Aleczandra said. “Need me to undress or something?” she asked, moving gingerly over to one of the bio beds. Everything was starting to stiffen up a bit now. “Maybe give me a damn painkiller?”

He waved a tricorder in her direction, checked it against the readings from the bed, then swapped it out for a hypospray. He pressed it against the base of her neck, and analgesic flooded into her system. "You've got significant bone and muscle trauma to the face, torn ligaments in both arms, some sort of energy burn on one hand, and a significant neurotransmitter imbalance."

Aleczandra sighed as the pain relief came, then laughed. “That’s just hopped up on adrenaline, Doc,” she said dismissively. “I’m half Trill. My neurotransmitters are always a mess. Just treat the physical trauma. Thanks.” She gave him the best smile her face could manage.

"No, no, no, don't do that." He looked for his marrow regenerator. "The more out of alignment you get, the more this is going to hurt. "He brought out a setting frame that would pull the broken chunks of her jaw back into position, ready to set. "Lie back for me."

Aleczandra sighed and lay back as instructed. This is why she preferred her work as an assassin. Surprise the target, and reduce the chance of serious injury. Not that Juheni was any slouch in a fight, as she had just proven. But he needed to get used to the new body, how it moved, how best to utilize it.

Unable to speak with the frame on, Juheni let his thoughts drift. The machine buzzed, and Juheni could feel the parts of his jaw being tractored into position. In the background there was a swish of the golden doors opening.

"So, doc, am I going to have to hide a body?" Yolanthe asked.

"Hardly," the EMH replied, “but she is proving intractable on her brain chemistry. Perhaps you could say something. Change her mind?"

"She’s a grown up, doc," Yolanthe replied. "If she doesn't want it, I won't make her."

The violet face of the bar owner appeared above Juheni. "Even if she does keep information about my own boys from me."

Aleczandra raised an eyebrow. Shit. Aleczandra didn’t know a damn thing about what happened to Ahjess, but Juheni did. And she was vulnerable. Was this bitch going to try something? She checked that her daggers were clear in their wrist sheaths in case she needed them Yolanthe was bigger and stronger than Aleczandra, and this body was already beaten to shit.

Aleczandra just grunted in response to Yolanthe.

"You know, this doesn't look good. You're all beaten up, and you asked for my EMH. So I know where you've been. I'm pretty sure your daddy won't like this. So why don't we revisit our earlier conversation. What happened with Ahjess?"

Aleczandra grunted and even smiled slightly. With her jaw immobilized, she couldn’t exactly answer Yolanthe. Her blue eyes stared back at Yolanthe, telling her to mind her own business.

"That thing isn't going to stay on you forever. You might want to consider the opportunity to keep things strictly business. Believe me, I don't want security up in my business either, but if I've got no other leads, I'm forced to rely on them. Going to change your mind?"

Aleczandra frowned as Juheni considered. As far as he knew, Hex was long off the station with the body. Otherwise Ahjess would have been found. The transfer of the Hex symbiote had likely already occured. But she had her reputation to consider if she ever wanted back into the game. Talking about contracts wouldn’t endear her to potential employers. But he supposed there was no harm in letting Yolanthe think Aleczandra was just a randy little slut.

Aleczandra nodded her head, staring up at Yolanthe with wide-eyed innocence.

"Excuse me," said the EMH primly, leaning over to check the cycle. "Almost done, as good as new." There were a few more moments of him fussing, and then he removed it. "There you go now. I strongly recommend the neurotransmitter rebalancing. If not now, then you really should see your own doctor. If anything builds up, it can cause serious cognitive impairment."

Aleczandra rubbed her jaw and moved it. “Yeah, thanks, Doc. I’ll talk to her,” she lied to assure him. She cracked her neck a bit, stiff from lying still. Her contusions were already fading as well. “Good work, Doc.”

Aleczandra hopped down from the bed and headed for the exit, darting past Yolanthe.

The Bokkai didn't try and stop her. "Twenty-four hours. Everything you know about what happened to my boy, or I'm talking to your father," she said calmly.

Aleczandra pulled up short and turned back to Yolanthe. “There isn’t much to tell,” she said. “We fucked. Had a great time. He mentioned he had a new prospect, moving on to greater opportunity. We fucked again. When I woke up, he was gone.” She shrugged. “I don’t have much more than that. I got the impression he was thinking of leaving the station. So I guess that’s what he did.”

Well that was that. Her only lead dead ended. He was gone before she woke up. But leaving? He would have said something to Jessica, and she would have said something to Yolanthe. "Leaving. Where? Why?" Her skin blurred dark gold, then desaturated to a beige hinted grey.

Aleczandra shrugged. “He didn’t say. Was a bit cagey about it,” she admitted. “Said it was a good opportunity. Probably for the best, anyway.” Aleczandra grinned at Yolanthe. “I mean, can you imagine what my dad would have done to him if he’d found out Ahjess had violated his little girl.”

"You need to learn to keep your men in line," Yolanthe muttered. She couldn't imagine any confrontation between the former chief of security and her dabo boy ending well for the young Trill. And even worse for her if she happened to be there. Security took a dim view on violence toward their officers.

“So we kosher now?” Aleczandra asked Yolanthe, arching an eyebrow. “You mad your boy dumped you? Can I go now?”

"You can go. But just remember, I know you can get out without daddy seeing, and I know where you go when you do, so let's keep this civil on all sides, yes? What happens here, stays here, and all that."

“Fair enough,” Aleczandra said. “What kid doesn’t sneak out for some fun? It’s nothing to you,” the teen said, brushing her black hair from her face. “Let’s not chat again, ‘kay?” And she turned and walked out of the Box.


Aleczandra Ryan/Juheni Naqiis
NPC Caleb Ryan

Yolanthe Ibalin
Owner, The Box of Delights


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