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Posted on Thu May 24, 2018 @ 6:47am by Lieutenant JG Annora Tessaro

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Docking Port- DS5
Timeline: Md08 1200

Despite the war games, things were fairly routine at the docking ports. Security teams were carrying out random security sweeps of both incoming and outgoing vessels. Most crews willingly complied, although there was always the occasional Captain that would object. When informed they would not be able to leave or dock, depending on the situation, most Captain’s bregrudengly agreed to the search.

Chief Petty Officer Petersen had just cleared a Bolian freighter when an announcement came in from Security Control.

=/\= Ensign Coleman to Petersen.=/\=

=/\= Petersen here. Go ahead Ensign. =/\=

=/\= There’s been a break in at the Skivari project offices...=/\=

As Coleman spoke, Petersen ducked in an empty docking bay to better hear the announcement.

=/\=...As such, we’re implementing a base wide lockdown. All inbound traffic has been halted, and none can leave without a thorough search . We’re looking for at least three suspects. Additional information is being sent to your terminal. Extra teams are being dispatched to provide assistance.=/\=

It wasn’t the most welcome news but was part of working in security.

=/\= Understood. Petersen out. =/\=

Heading towards the security annex, he flagged down Lecesse.

“We’re temporarily suspending all departures. Reinforcements are en-route.”

The young Betazoid nodded.
“Aye sir. We’ll hold down the fort while awaiting the cavalry.

Moving down the corridor, she began passing word to her fellow security guards. She’d just finished when a transporter beam deposited seven additional security personnel, all carrying phaser rifles. Two each headed to either end of the docking port, while the remaining two took up positions in the middle. The seventh, Ensign Criteser, made a general announcement to those present.

“Attention all personnel. Due to enhanced security measures, no ship will be allowed to depart without an inspection. Failure to comply will result in further scrutiny and delays.”
There was some grumbling from a few merchants, but many had already figured out something unusual was happening. Heading towards the security annex, Criteser went to touch base with the Chief.

Petersen was still reading over the security reports from the break in when Criteser walked in.
“Afternoon Ensign. Are you the backup they promised me?”

He handed the Chief a Data Padd as he responded.
“Afternoon Chief. The answer to that question is ‘sort of’. My team’s primary mission is to provide a show of force, and to back up the search teams if necessary. Extra teams are being pulled from their regular patrols to assist with the searches. We’re coordinating with the Marines to temporarily take over our patrol routes.”

After skimming the Padd, Petersen handed it back.

“Sounds good. Let’s go search for terrorists and upset some merchants.”


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