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End Game (Part III of III)

Posted on Tue Jun 5, 2018 @ 2:53am by Commander Maritza Soran & Commander Caleb Ryan & Commander Amia Telamon M.D. & Lieutenant Liam Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Annora Tessaro & Lieutenant JG Alanna Wells & First Lieutenant Gordon Blue & Civilian Hydel Turvan

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: DS5 Local Space
Timeline: MD08 1315

Previously on End Game

"Permission to fire, ma'am. I have a precise solution on the Svikiri, and with the power of the station phasers and burst fire torpedoes those shields will come down like hitting glass with a sledgehammer," Blue said from the Strategic Operations panel as assurance. "I did it before, ma'am, with less power."

"On their reserve shields, not the wall itself," she reminded him. "Fire."

"Firing the Rope a Dope pattern," Blue confirmed.
And Now the Continuation

USS Ararat

Alanna watched the sensors carefully, monitoring the buildup of radiation. Then she saw the change. "Commander, the Svikiri's long-range sensors are down. So is their stellar cartography." It wasn't much, but she hoped they could use it to their advantage.

“It’ll have ta do,” Caleb said.

The Svikiri may have been hit, but none of the systems needed to cripple it. The smaller ship came about, there was a surge or gravimetic radiation, and one of the smaller Cardassian vessels vanished is a flash of darkness.

Alanna watched in horror as another ship disappeared. She had no idea how the Svikiri eluded their sensors, but she hoped a careful search of the data would keep this from happening again. Unfortunately, she had no idea what to do now.

CUV Traxell

"Ma'am! The Viksan is...not on sensors!" the Tactical officer shouted from her console to Gul Veshur.

"What? How is that possib--" Gul Veshur said as she raced from her chair to the nearby Tactical officer's console and saw the information pouring in from the remainder of the fleet. It did not take long for the other vessels to confirm exactly what she was seeing: The Svikari possessed a weapon that had never been encountered before.

"Nevermind. We can't remain here, or we'll be sitting ducks!" she said as she went back to her command chair. "Signal the remainder of the Kel'elk to jump to warp immediately!" she said. A hasty retreat would be the only way to secure the safety of the remaining vessels under her command. They would figure out a measure for revenge at a later point.

Within moments the remaining vessels selected an intended destination and entered warp, leaving the devastation behind them.

Caleb gave a sigh of relief as the Cardassians left the scene. That removed their threat, but also removed added firepower in taking down the goliath that was the Svikari.

“Hayashi,” Caleb spoke to the renegade ship’s captain, “the Cardassians have fled. Will ya fire on Federation ships? Stand down now!”

There was no contact across the standard hailing frequencies, but on Liam's panel an emergency frequency began to ping weakly.

"Sir, I'm picking up an emergency SOS. It’s very weak. I am doing my best to clear it up for you," Liam stated as he patched through the communication.

"USS Ararat!" came a female voice. It was followed by a burst of static. "Senior staff....barricaded bridge....transporters, repeat, Senior Staff...send help...retake control."

At least not everyone on the ship was acting in opposition to the Federation and their ideals. "If we can get their shields down, even briefly, I request permission to lead an assault team. Even a small force can help wrest control away from the renegade captain." While her current role was as tactical officer, Annora felt her skills could better be put to use in the security role.

“Granted,” Caleb said. “Start puttin’ the team together. That ship has three bridges. If Main Bridge is barricaded, attempt to take control of secondary or tertiary bridge. We’ll work on those shields.”

Deep Space Five

As though on cue, the attack pattern from Blue hit home. Two of the main phaser arrays were on continuous force at opposing attack angles, effectively engulfing two halves of the Svikiri’s shields in a phaser toned glow. Blue surmised in his first attack only one powerful shield could protect the ship. He used opposing vectors to force the ship's tactical officer to shift the shield to one side or the other, but he knew it could not cover both.

The station quantum torpedoes struck before the phaser bursts completed, thus shattering the reserve shields that were not protected and leaving the port side unshielded.

"Nice shot, Mr Blue." How much damage they had ultimately done wasn't clear, but after that barrage, they couldn't have much left, could they?

"And they pray for the left," Blue's voice said as the single focused phaser burst tore into the main engineering enough to take out main power, the opening Blue needed to bring the ship down again, this time not under simulations. "If they flinch, the weapons array is next," Blue warned.

For a moment, it looked like the Svikariwas just drifting through space, and then there was movement. Slowly the main section, the triangular decks, floated away, and the bottom pair of nacelles detached as well, it's only triangular main section like a punching dagger

Maritza knew what was going to happen. A Prometheus class had three engineering sections, all warp capable. Hayashi was going to try and run in an undamaged section, leaving his crew in the others to face the music. Her hand slammed down on the comm panel. "Don't let them go to warp! Any of them!"

“Damn it! MVA!” Caleb exclaimed. “Solstice, Resolute, section B! Destiny, Koxinga, section C! Tractor beams, an’ weapons target engines. We’ll take the main section. Challenger, if ya’ll can get clear of McBride, we could use yer help!”

Caleb looked to Annora. “Get a tractor beam on that section an’ target engines. Fire when ready.”

Just as she was getting ready to head to the transporter room, the Svikari suddenly split into three sections. If the ship got away, there would be no boarding team, so Annora followed the Commander's orders. "Aye, sir. Locking tractor beam. Firing on their engines now."

Alanna tried again to send a shutdown signal to the Svikiri's Astrometrics, and through it to the main computer. It could only get one section, but if she could knock out stellar cartography, it would affect the navcom and prevent them from successfully jumping to warp. At least, unless they were going to jump blind, and she hoped they weren't that crazy.

A minute later she saw that the order was successful. The Svikiri now had no functional NavCom and no stellar cartography. "Sir, Astrometrics, Stellar Cartography, and the NavCom are malfunctioning."

The hidden nacelles of the main section glowed red as the warp core engaged. And then died. Without stellar cartography, navigation through warp was impossible. The Svikiri was stuck in normal space. The Ararat's tractor beam grabbed onto the main saucer section, and in return they fired their impulse engines at maximum, straining their bulk against the garrison vessel, fighting to get free.

"Tractor beam holding steady for the moment, sir. I'm guessing that section is our target for the boarding party?"

In anticipation of the previous order being carried out, Annora relinquished control of her station to Ensign Whitlock.

“Yes. Get over there, Lieutenant,” Caleb said. “We won’t be able ta hold ‘em forever. They’re bigger’n we are. Unless we get help, they’ll break free. Ya might be on yer own.” He wanted her to be well aware of the risks. “Do what ya need ta.”

While she had been a bit sad to see Caleb move up to command, Annora was starting to like having a security person in the higher ranks.
"We'll handle it sir. Not the first tough situation I've been in. See you back at the station."

With that, she left the bridge for transporter room one. There she knew the boarding party would be waiting, along with her gear.

Caleb looked over to Liam “What about the other sections?”

"Sir," Liam said as Annora left the bridge. "There's a hail from section B. Putting on screen."

A dishevelled looking Trill appeared on screen. standing in the centre of the tiny auxiliary bridge, which was bathed in the dark red light of a red alert. "Sir, we surrender unconditionally. But the mutineers have triggered this sections self-destruct sequence and we can't shut it down! The warp core will blow in two minutes!"

To Be Continued

Commander Maritza Soran
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