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Under New Management

Posted on Tue Jul 24, 2018 @ 1:03am by Civilian 'Arrival' Geral Lasuma

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Deep Space 5

Geral Lasuma patiently drank the last of his wine as his private ship entered the docking bay of the Federation station. Under normal circumstances the failure of an employee would have ended in there dismissal but the man that had been running the shop that bore his name had done more than that. He had failed to expand the operations and not only had he been caught during some less that legal operations he had been discovered running his own schemes and endangered Geral's operations...and that he could not allow. Even with all those strikes Geral would have normally had one of his associates deal with the offending party and find a new person to run things. However in this case he had decided to handle things personally, besides this region of space was still ripe and being on the edge of Federation space offered unique opportunities.

The door to the main cabin opened and his guard entered. "Sir, we've completed the landing and Boran is waiting. Do you want me to show him in or make him wait some more?"

A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth before he replied. "No bring him in. No doubt he's been sweating since he found out we were coming."

"Yes sir."

Garel stood as the guard returned with the obviously nervous, former manager. With his usual friendly and disarming manner Geral greeted the man. "Boran, come in come in, you look frightful. Can I get you a drink?"

Even with the warm greeting he swallowed hard. " thank you."

Placing a hand on his shoulder with just a slight tightening of his grip.
"Are you sure? You don't sound sure."

"iii...If you insist sir."

Patting his employee’s shoulder firmly. "I do."

Motion to his guard another glass was placed on the low table and Garel took a seat. About half way through pouring the wine he saw that Boran was still standing nervously as he waited permission to sit. After returning the bottle to the chiller and leaning back with his own glass did he granted that permission. "Have seat Boran."

Garel watched Boran sit and spoke as he reached for the wine. "You disappointed me Boran." The hand that had been steady now trembled, stopping before even touching the glass.

"I can explain..."

Garel's expression now even and firm, "Aren't you going to even try the wine?"

Boran could feel the beads of sweat that had been reforming now running down his temple and neck. He wiped his hands on his pants and tried to steady his hand, unsuccessfully as he picked up the wine glass and sipped once, then twice.

"There. Isn't that better." Spinning his glass he listed it to sample the bouquet. "That is a very rare vintage, a mildly sweet yet very old red from the other side of the galaxy and acquired at great expense." Downing his glass in a gulp, showing his seriousness, he stared at Boran, "You have yet to expand operations like you were told, you get caught and arrested by the Federation, you try to run your own schemes without my ok and without some much as a slip of compensation. Do you REALLY think you can piggyback off my network, use my transports for your own operations without me knowing about it? How stupid do you think I stupid are you to even think you could get away with something like that. You failed me, you steal from me and you put my operations in jeopardy…You're an embarrassment."

"Please...I can explain!"

Garel's voice was even and calm. "I already know about your family's situation and that has been taken care of, as have the parties that tried to use them against you. You should have come to me immediately. If you had your problems would have become my problems; your enemies. But that alone does not cover all of your failings." Taking the glass from his hand and placing it on the table. "I'm demoting you to a cargo handler. I came here with one of my transports to support the expansion you should have seen to. I'm also seizing your property as compensation for my losses. You can collect your personals but then you are to help get the cargo is offloaded and the shipments headed back are loaded. Now get out of my sight."

With Boran escorted out to pack his things Garel's aid entered and he looked at him as he took a hot towel to relax his features, waiting.

"Boran was weak and stupid plus he knows too much..."

"Shall I see that something happens to him on the trip home?"

After patting his face and wiping his hands with the towel he handed it aside to the attendant. "Cargo handling can be a...dangerous profession."

A simple nod of understanding was all that was needed. "And the family?"

Geral took a deep breath. "Offer her a, respectable, passion on one of the Bajoran colonies..." adding with a gesture "...and see that she gets the standard managerial survivor compensation. No need for them to suffer because of his stupidity. Besides, his kid's got potential.

"Have the neighboring storefronts been bought out?"

"Yes sir. They were hesitant at first, but the relocation offer was an offer they couldn't refuse."

"Good. What do you have on the head of the stations merchant association?"

"Cold, formal, strick...rigidly Andorian."

Geral contimplated his options. "Well set a meeting...and see what kinda dirt you can dig up. Someone that...icy...will have made enemies."

"You got it. Shall I see what the other merchants think. Perhaps they would be interested in a looser hand on the reins?"

"No no no...we need to ease our way in. Take your time and talk to them discretly, no need for campaigning...yet. For now lets go see what kind of mess Boran has left for me."


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