Alterations and opportunities

Posted on Sun Jul 29, 2018 @ 11:33pm by Civilian 'Arrival' Geral Lasuma

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Promenade - Lasuma's

[USS Phoenix - Captain's Quarters]

The Phoenix had only just docked with the station after returning from their shakedown cruise than Heather's dress had been delivered and she eagerly tried it on.

The gown was exquisite and the Tholian silk felt absolutely luxurious against her skin. The only problem was that it didn't fit quite right. She quickly took off the dress, rebagging it, and head over to the clothing shop hoping to get a quick adjustment.

[DS5 - Promenade]

Geral had closed the shop and his people began to inventory and inspect the current stock while they moved things out. All while station engineers installed the new entry ways to connect the additional floorspace he 'acquired' to finally facilitate the expansion that Boran had failed to achieve.

Satisfied with the current progress he turned to leave and saw a very attractive Star Fleet officer tapping at the door with a garment bag in hand. Even as he approached one of the staff was explaining that they were closed for the time being and she would have to come back.

"Please?! Is there nothing you can do? My ship will be leaving soon and heading out into non-Federation space...there is no telling when we will be back."

Smelling an opportunity Geral interjected motioning for underling to return to his task. "Hello Lieutenant, I'm the owner of this establishment, Geral Lasuma. What seems to be the problem Miss..."

"Mrs. Montoya. But please call me Heather." Lifting the garment bag she began to explain. "Not too long ago I purchased this dress from a Mr. Boran. Well we just returned and when I tried it didn't fit just right."

"Well my dear, the last thing I ever want is an unsatisfied customer. Come with me." Taking the bag he led her to his private office, already completed and insulated from the noise, "Have a seat and I will return shortly".

As he left, Heather looked around the office. The office was large and obviously meant to impress. Whoever this man was he was a man of mean and he wanted people to know it.

Returning to his office, "It will be just little while. I had Boran working on other tasks. He will be here as soon as possible and we will have that alteration done for you."

A warm appreciative smile spread over her face. "Thank you very much. I hope I'm not inconveniencing you. Looks like you have some major remodeling underway."

"We have a lot of changes in the works but all of that is for not without ensuring our customers are not taken care of properly. I couldn't help but hear that you said your ship was departing soon. Anywhere interesting."

"I'm sure you know I can't discuss specific deployments but it's a patrol and explorative mission."

"Out into the unknown...risky, but with risk also comes reward."


"Of course. While exploration can come at a cost; I think there was been more gained than lost. Without the risks taken by the people of Earth there would be no Federation. Where would Bajor, or the Federation for that matter, be without the risks taken by the Emissary."

Heather smirked. "And here I thought you'd interested in commercial rewards."

Shrugging. "Well I am a businessman. So my interest in commercial rewards is self evident. In fact, one type of reward often accompanies or even precedes the other. I'd even wager that you might find that those seeking commerce have been out there long before you and your crew. It's been a historical fact that those seek markets or resources have venture out into the unknown well before those calling themselves 'explorers'. But there is no need for us to debate such things. You are a guest in my establishment and I would be a poor host if I didn't offer you a refreshment."

As he rose the door opened and his aid entered.

"Pardon the intrusion, Boran is here and needs her try on the gown so he can make the needed alterations."

Shrugging slightly, "I guess refreshments will have to wait. The changing rooms are unavailable due to the remodel but feel free to use my office here."

Taking the garment bag and laying out across the back of his chair, he nodded graciously to her. "I will leave you and you can lock the door so no one will disturb you, just let us know when you are ready."

Leaving his office he looked to his aid. "Find out what ship she is on and where it's going."

"Already did. She on the Phoenix, just one of the ships your exploration catagory that you wanted watched. And she just happens to be the Captain's wife to."

[Back inside the office]

Heather had been carefully listening to him and while he seem gentlemanly, there was just something about him...something under the gestures that left her uneasy. She had been hesitant to change here but when she heard the door lock she decided that maybe her feelings were unfounded.

Speaking aloud to herself, she tossed her apprehension aside. "What are you so worried about? He's done nothing but ensure that your dress is going to get fixed..."

[Outside the door]

"The Captain's wife you say...what do we know about him."

"He's younger, experienced, and this is his first real command. They were both apart of the aborted Achilles mission and have close ties with a leading house within the Klingon Empire."

Garel nodded as the wheels in his head began to turn. He clasped his shoulder as he moved off to speak with Boran. "Do you have what you need to make your alterations?"

"Yes sir."

Looking down at the disgraced employee who didn’t even have the courage to lift his head; "Good fix whatever needs fixing then get back to our loading dock."

…A short time later

Geral was outside his rapidly expanding facility as the red-headed officer was departing with her altered garment. “Ahh Mrs. Montoya! I take it everything is in order?

Smiling warmly, and replied enthusiastically. “Yes. It fits perfectly, thank you.”

Watching her leave Geral had already made preparations to woo the couple an use then to his advantage.

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