The Story So Far

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DS5 has been running for a very long time, over eight years

A formal timeline and summary of all posts has been kept for about six years. IF you want to catch up on the history of DS5, then read on.

The Current Mission

The current mission is Rumour - where a trip through one of the Pangaea portals leads to a diplomatic crisis for all on board.

The current summary is here:
Download the Curent Timeline for the Current Mission

What has Gone Before

The record starts at SD17, i.e. 17 days after the sim first began, with a mission called Interlude. Click on the links to download the mission summary
  • Interlude - SD 17 to 32
  • Judgement - SD 33 to 47
  • Incommunicado - SD 48 to SD64

And what has gone beofre all of that

Things Past is the Mission where all posts set before the sim became active in 2090

The current version of the Things Past timeline is here

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